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Iggy Azalea Wishes She Had Mariah Carey’s Voice, and More From Vogue’s 73 Things: Watch Now!

Iggy Azalea’s not too fancy to answer a few questions — 73, to be exact! The Aussie rapper, 24, is the latest star to participate in Vogue’s popular video series “73 Things,” answering the interviewer’s 73 questions while traipsing about her Beverly Hills pad in a casual jacket and jeans. 

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Though she didn’t bring up any of her infamous feuds with fellow rappers Azealia Banks or Nicki Minaj, the “Black Window” emcee did dish about some of her favorite females in the business. 

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She listed Missy Elliott as her biggest musical inspiration, but had a surprising response as to her ideal duet. 

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Dolly Parton!” she exclaimed, adding of the country icon, “She’s larger than life, I love her.”

iggy azalea and mariah carey
Iggy Azalea revealed she wishes she had Mariah Carey’s voice in her Vogue 73 Things interview.

But if she could have one wish granted, Azalea admitted, “I wish that I could sing like Mariah Carey, that would be amazing.”

Though she remained mostly positive, Azalea did have a few complaints. 

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“I’m very sick of hearing ‘on fleek,’” she said of the “most tired phrase in hip-hop.” And she also noted that the stupidest question she’s ever been asked is, “What it’s like to be a female in hip-hop?”

As for being famous: “I think it’s a total mess, but it’s awesome.”

And the biggest misconception out there about her (besides the rumor that she’s secretly a man named Corey) is, “I think that people think I think that I am the s—t, when I’m actually very critical of myself.”

Watch the clip to see her gush about her boyfriend Nick Young and reveal her most shocking celebrity fan!

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