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John Mayer: Jackson Memorial Was “Unbelievable”

John Mayer says it was an honor performing at Michael Jackson's memorial Tuesday.

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"The first thing I said was a question – does this really come from the family?" he said on Larry King Live Tuesday night. "I think that was essential to me sort of processing the honor. And when I found out that, in fact, it had, it took me about 48 hours to sort of strike the balance in how I was going to approach being – you know, being invited to this unbelievable event without actually having the proximity to Michael Jackson, personally. I'd never met him."

Mayer performed an instrumental version of Jackson's hit "Human Nature" at Tuesday's memorial. He said he is glad he didn't end up singing.

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"The decision to not sing is just out of knowing what's best for me," he said, adding that he doesn't have a strong vocal range. "I think it's quite a mine field to go into trying to in any way replicate vocally what Michael Jackson has done. And in a way, it was sort of respectfully leaving an absence, you know, sort of the presence of his absence."

He added that Usher's rendition of "Gone Too Soon" was "unbelievable."

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Looking back on Tuesday's memorial, Mayer said he is amazed at how "humanizing it was. You know, Michael Jackson wasn't super human. He was extra human."

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Added Mayer, "I think everybody who watched the service, I think by the end of it – the best service of all was the service done to Michael Jackson to sort of render him finally as being a human being."

"How do I resume Twittering after a day like yesterday?" the singer wrote – on Twitter – today. "My cells feel different. Thank you to you all for your kind of loving replies."

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