Justin Bieber Gave Us the Most Brotastic, Bromantic Interview Ever: Read It and Brogasm!

Justin Bieber attends Calvin Klein Jeans Music Event
Justin Bieber attends Calvin Klein Jeans Music Event on June 11, 2015 in Hong Kong ChinaFotoPress/ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

Yeah, dudes! Us Weekly caught up with Justin Bieber across the world at a Calvin Klein Jeans music event, held Thursday, June 11 at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Hong Kong. The lovably bizarre, freewheeling chat that transpired between the pop superstar and Us‘ male reporter touched on style, those underwear ads (his buddies mock him via texts!), Bieber’s new maturity (he’s “human”), basketball and, well, the state of being a bro. Below, read what might be Bieber’s most bromantic, brotastic chat to ever permeate the known bro-verse. Enjoy, brah!

US WEEKLY: What’s up, man?

Justin Bieber: What up man?

US: Welcome to Hong Kong! You like it?

JB: Nice. I do like it, yeah.

US: Yeah?

JB: Yeah.

US: Cool. So the responses to this CK campaign have been incredible.

JB: Yes!

US: Did you think that it would take off like it did?

JB: I did, yeah. It’s a big brand. I feel like my brand’s pretty big, so I think it would make a success.

US: What does it feel like to have yourself on billboards all over the place in your underwear?

JB: It’s cool. I get a lot of texts from my friends like making fun of me.

US: Yeah.

bieber lifting shirt
Justin Bieber attends Calvin Klein Jeans Music Event on June 11, 2015 in Hong Kong Jerome Favre/Getty Images for Calvin Klein

JB: Like taking pictures with it or like pulling up their shirt just messing with me like ‘I see you— you’re too big and buff.’ You know? It’s fun.

US: What do you do to stay in shape? What do you do week to week? Do you have a certain diet?

JB: I’ve been working out recently, but when I was doing a shoot I would spend like two weeks before the shoot just really grinding it, working out every day, eating healthy. Now I’m kind of like, I gave up a little bit — but not really.

US: What type of style are you into? What would you say your style is these days? What kinds of trends?

JB: Style? I don’t know if I could really describe my style. My style, man. I can’t really describe it. I can just say I’m really into like layering pieces right now. Really drapey sweaters, long stuff. I really like — Jerry Lorenzo’s stuff is awesome with Fear of God. Really like that.

US: What do you like for girls?

JB: I think this season is Saint Laurent is really cool so I like—I like to see girls in that for sure. They’re in like a cowgirl stage right now.

US: Yeah.

JB: Like neutral colors and stuff. It’s really neat.

US: So you’ve mentioned, in a lot of interviews lately, changes in your life. How is that reflected in your work and your music these days?

JB: I don’t know about positive changes. I just mean, I’m a human being. So I’m growing as a man, and you just figure some certain things out that you’re okay with, and what you believe in. I can’t really say that I’ve made any mistakes, but that I’m just human, you know? And I think that that, in general, just growth helps me with my music. Like I put everything in my music, like everything I have, because that’s what I’m made for. I’m super creative, I’m always in the studio. So my growth is definitely a big part of my music, my creativity.

US: That’s great. Are you a basketball fan?

JB: Yeah!

US: I’m a basketball fan. Who are you rooting for?

JB: I have to go with LeBron James on this one. He’s just worked so hard, and he’s doing it with himself at this point. Right.

US: Thanks for that.

JB: My man.

US: Appreciate it.

JB: Not at all! Speaking of style, your style is on point!

US: Yeah?

JB: Killing it.

US: Appreciate it buddy. Thanks man.

JB: Take care!

US: Have a good one brother. Hope you enjoy Hong Kong.

JB: Yep!

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