Kate Gosselin: Kids Are “Not Suffering From This”

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On TLC's pretaped You Ask, Kate Answers special Monday night, Kate Gosselin — answering questions emailed by fans from her easy chair at home– rejected chatter that her eight children are hurting.

"They're not suffering from this," she says of their participation in the reality hit and, presumably, the continued media scrutiny surrounding her divorce from their father Jon.

"They're kids 99% of the time," she says. Of their accidental fame? "I'm raising kids who are going to scrutinize people inside and out." The conflicts and cameras simply help lead to "really good discussion points."

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During the one-hour special, she spoke and cracked jokes about her hair, the prospect of finding another man (or not), clipping coupons, becoming a movie star — and what the kids might become when they grow up. Some highlights:

Her hair "kind of evolved over time." She insisted to her current hairdresser that she keep the infamous spikes towards the back of her head. They are, she says, a "good way to show my attitude."

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She "laughed my head off" when she learned of the Halloween wigs inspired by her 'do. "They don't call it the Kate wig, because then they would have to give me proceeds. Which I find very interesting."

She's not sure if she wants to get married again — or if there will be any takers. "I struggle because I really don't want to be married," she says. "Can you blame me?" She admits that single motherhood is tough — "the aloneness is so alone." But ten years from now? "Nobody's going to buy into my mess. I'll probably be alone, but that's OK."

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The kids have an untouched — and untouchable — college fund. "There is a healthy amount of money put away for the kids, and it is safe," Gosselin confirms. "It will not be touched other than for education. The money is there, come hell or highwater."

She still clips coupons. "Why not?" she says. "Once you're a saver, you're always a saver. At the end of the day, it's more money in your pocket."

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Kate Plus Eight or not, she wants a career in television — and maybe movies! "I've discovered that I've done enough years of TV that it's a normal, natural place for me to be," she says. And watch out, Hollywood. "I'd love to be in a movie!" she exclaims, suggesting "the voice of a cartoon character. For my kids. That would be fun!"

She predicts what her kids might grow up to become — and the charming Joel might be a ladykiller like his father. Cara "will be a good teacher," and Mady might be "CEO of a company." Alexis could be a veterinarian, while Hannah will be "caring for people." As for the boys? Aaden might be a "professor teaching physics" and Colin could become "an architect or engineer." Last but not least, Joel "might be a model on the cover of GQ with that adorable smile. He'll suck some girl in and she'll figure out he's clueless. Wait, haven't we seen this before?" she says, laughing.

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