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Kate Major Regrets Twitter Accusations: Michael Lohan Did Not Threaten Me With a Knife

Kate Major and Michael Lohan wi
Kate Major explains her Twitter accusations about Michael Lohan and admits he did not threaten her with a knife

Kate Major is having major regrets about live-tweeting her problems with Michael Lohan. The mom-of-one lit up Twitter on Monday, Feb. 17, with allegations that Lohan was threatening her with a knife and trying to take away their 12-month-old son, Landon. By Tuesday morning, however, the tweets had been deleted; now, Major says she only wrote them in the heat of the moment.

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"I regretfully tweeted while my emotions were high that I was being threatened by Michael with a knife; this was not the case," she said in a statement to Us Weekly on Feb. 18. "I made a lot of statements on Twitter that were merely out of fear that he was going to take my son from me. Please respect our privacy through this difficult time."

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This is not the first time a dispute has gotten ugly between the former reporter and Lindsay Lohan's father. Back in 2011, Lohan faced a single misdemeanor charge of "inflicting injury on a cohabitant," later identified as Major, his then-ex-fiancee.

Major, who has also dated Jon Gosselin, got engaged to Lohan in 2010, but the two called off their wedding not long after. In July 2012, however, they announced that they were expecting their first child together; Landon Major Lohan was born on Jan. 30, 2013.

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Following her Twitter outburst on Monday, Major replaced the offending tweets about Lohan with just two short messages. "I love Landon & nothing will ever change that or take that from me!!!!" she wrote. Then, a few hours later, she added, "I should not have tweeted anything. This has all turned into a whirlwind. I'm sorry."

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