Kate Middleton Rolls Eyes When Told to “Keep Wrapping” During New York Charity Event: Hilarious Video

A princess doesn't like to be told what to do! And Kate Middleton made her horror at being ordered to "keep wrapping" Christmas presents perfectly clear when she was caught doing a hilarious eye roll during a visit to a children's charity in New York City.

Used to being surrounded by those strictly briefed in royal protocol, the five-months pregnant duchess was astounded to be ordered to continue wrapping presents when she paused for a moment to smile at a fan during a visit to the Northside Center for Child Development in Harlem on Monday, Dec. 8.

Joined by a group of grandmothers, the pregnant Duchess had taken a seat and happily started wrapping Christmas gifts destined for some of the city's most deprived children.

But when she was tapped on the shoulder by a well-wisher, and paused to smile, she was completely flabbergasted to receive the direct order from an off-camera passerby, to get back to work. The duchess flashed a sensational eye roll before regaining her composure and doing what she was told to do: wrap gifts.

Kate Middleton

Middleton's display of irritation is very unusual, but unfortunately for the duchess this break of usual royal etiquette wasn’t the only one she encountered on her trip to the United States! Later that same day, NBA player LeBron James also broke protocol, by hugging the duchess when they met at the Barclays Center on Monday Dec. 8, after the game. See photos of the couple meeting LeBron.

Talking about the faux pas, Piers Morgan offered New Yorkers a piece of advice during an appearance on Rachael Roy. "You do not put your arm around the future Queen of England!" the British CNN host explained. "You do not touch a member of the royal family unless they ask you to touch them or extend their hand."

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