Why The LA Times Wine Club Will Bring the Party To Your Front Door

The LA Times Wine Club by Firstleaf is the perfect solution for anyone looking to grow their wine experience. Instead of browsing through shelves at the liquor store, Firstleaf enables you to discover the latest in high-quality, high-value wines and delivers them directly to your door!

LA Times Wine Club 1

The convenience is certainly a plus, but what truly sets this wine club apart is its personal touch. Each box purchased is individually curated and includes selections sourced by a passionate and approachable team of experts. Consider the LA Times Wine Club by Firstleaf as a wine community made up of some of the most highly qualified professionals in the industry. In addition, they use a complex, custom algorithm to target the best wines based on your personal preference. Firstleaf tailors the wine recommendations to meet the exact needs of your lifestyle, but should you ever receive a bottle you don’t absolutely love (rare, but possible!), their wine concierge team is on hand to swap it out with a new personalized selection, on the house!

LA Times Wine Club 2

Director of Wine & Brand at Firstleaf, Lex Kiefhaber explains that the process is all about pairing the right wines with the right people, no matter their knowledge level. The LA Times Wine Club by Firstleaf consists of 50,000+ members with over 300 select wine brands across the globe. With special perks like wine concierge, gifting, member-only pricing, and an intro order of $39.95 including shipping, it’s only a matter of time until you become a member!

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