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Lance Armstrong Cited in Hit-and-Run After Letting Girlfriend Anna Hansen Take the Blame, Police Say

Lance Armstrong and Anna Hansen
Lance Armstrong has been cited in a hit-and-run in Aspen, Colo., after letting girlfriend Anna Hansen initially take the blame, police say

Lance Armstrong is in hot water with police in Aspen. The disgraced cyclist, 43, has been cited in a December hit-and-run for which his girlfriend, Anna Hansen, initially took the blame, officials say.

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According to a police report obtained by Us Weekly, Armstrong and Hansen were on their way back from a museum party at the St. Regis when they hit two parked rental cars in their GMC Yukon. The owner of the house where the cars where parked called 911, after which time Hansen appeared from around the corner to provide her information. 

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Questioned the next day at home, Hansen told police that she'd been driving at the time of the accident because "Lance had a little bit to drink." She claimed to have lost control of the car due to the icy condition of the roads.

As detailed in the report, however, the investigating officer was "suspicious of Hansen's story," and decided to interview the valet worker at the museum party, who said he'd escorted Hansen to the passenger side of the car, not the driver's side.

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Per the report, Hansen later admitted that she'd been in the passenger seat, and that Armstrong had been behind the wheel when they hit the parked cars. She also told police that they'd made a "joint decision" for her to take the blame in order to protect their family, and that contrary to her previous statement, the athlete was not intoxicated.

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Hansen was subsequently cleared of any traffic or criminal charges, according to the report. Armstrong, meanwhile, was cited for "duty to report accidents" and "exceeding safe speed for conditions."

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