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College Professor Ari Nagel Opens Up About Fathering 29 Children With 24 Women

A dad like no other! The self-proclaimed “Sperminator” Ari Nagel is opening up about fathering 29 children with 24 women.

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“If someone asks me for my semen, I will not turn them down. Women have offered to pay for my flight to Israel, Taiwan, Vietnam and almost every state in the U.S.,” the New York native, 42, said on The Maury Show on Tuesday, October 24, noting that he has independently donated his sperm in Target bathrooms, clinics, and even at a casino in order to help women who have had trouble conceiving. “Any race, any religion, gay or straight, I won’t turn any woman away.”

Nagel, who shares three children with his wife, began his unique pursuit 13 years ago after responding to a Craigslist post from a woman seeking a sperm donor. Nagel told the New York Post in June 2016 that his wife, Roxanne, for whom he reportedly hasn’t had a romantic relationship with for years “didn’t support” his quests and “always wanted [him] to be a regular, traditional spouse.” The math professor added at the time that he and Roxanne “sleep in separate bedrooms.”

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Ari Nagel

“I am a full time parent to some of the children. Some I see every day, some I see once a week and some I see once a year,” the college professor said, noting that some children he sees once a year for their birthdays, while others he sees regularly and takes on vacations. “It’s really up to the moms.”

Nagel pays child support for nine of his children, although “some of the women promised [him] that they wouldn’t sue me for child support but they went back on their word.” Although the payments take up “more than half of [his] paycheck, Nagel is committed to maintaining relationships with his children.

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Nagel also revealed that he keeps track of his offspring through a detailed spreadsheet. Although his sperm is in high demand, Nagel said that he will likely only continue his venture until he is 50 years old.

Watch the clip above to learn more about Nagel and the women he has conceived with!

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