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Miley Cyrus Hates Shopping on Rodeo Drive: It’s Just Like Pretty Woman!

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus told Australia's Sunday Style magazine that she hates shopping on Rodeo Drive because it's too much like Julia Roberts' humiliating scene from Pretty Woman

“Big mistake. Big. Huge!” Rodeo Drive is one of the most famous shopping destinations in the world — a storied enclave of luxury goods and extravagance — but Miley Cyrus, for one, could take it or leave it. And she’d rather leave it.

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Speaking with Australia’s Sunday Style magazine recently, the “Adore You” chanteuse, 22, said that while she loves dressing up, she hates shopping — especially on the famed stretch of high-end stores in Beverly Hills.

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“You’ve seen Pretty Woman, obviously,” she said, referencing the Julia RobertsRichard Gere romantic comedy from 1990. “Well, they are actually like that.”

Pretty Woman
Miley Cyrus told Australia’s Sunday Style magazine that she hates shopping on Rodeo Drive because it’s too much like Julia Roberts’ humiliating scene from Pretty Woman

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The “Wrecking Ball” singer was alluding, of course, to the scene from the flick when Roberts’ character, hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold Vivian Ward, goes shopping for a new dress and is snubbed by a couple of snooty saleswomen who take one look at her revealing outfit and thigh-high boots and send her on her way.

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Cyrus can certainly afford to shop at all the fancy stores on Rodeo — and one would think that she’s famous enough to get the royal treatment — but she’d rather take her business elsewhere.

“If you walk in, they give you the worst look you’ve ever seen,” she told Sunday Style, “and I am too outspoken to deal with those kinds of people.”

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