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Noah Centineo Details His Past Experience With Drug Use: ‘There Wasn’t Much I Wouldn’t Do’

Noah Centineo attends the To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You premiere on February 3, 2020.Michael Buckner/Variety/Shutterstock

The road to recovery. Noah Centineo candidly addressed his experience with overcoming drug addiction, which is something he dealt with from the age of 17 through the eve of his 21st birthday.

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“There’s a syndicate of, like, 500 to 1,000 kids in the entertainment industry that are all trying to make it right now that all they do Monday to Monday is party every night,” Centineo, 23, said in a Harper’s Bazaar interview posted on Tuesday, February 11.

The To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before actor noted that he and his friends preferred to “take Molly and talk for five hours and, like, get to the bottom of some really deeply philosophical existential questions.” However, beyond taking MDMA, he bluntly admitted to having done “everything” during that phase in his life.

“There wasn’t really much I wouldn’t do,” he continued. “I never, ever injected anything, which is good. I smoked a lot of things. I was really upset, man. It was a really dark time in my life.”

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Centineo’s drug experimentation came sometime after his parents’ separation when he was 15, which led to him briefly living with his mother in a hotel room before couch-surfing with friends. His sister, meanwhile, stayed in Florida with their pastor father.

The Fosters alum admitted that he “kind of shoved down a lot of emotion” at that time, but has since found a variety of ways to cope. “I like baths. I like meditation. I like journaling,” he shared. “I talk to myself a lot if I’m mad at something that I did. I’ll scream at myself, really, like, looking in the mirror, right? Like, in my room. Like, ‘Dude, like, stop, this is fucking unacceptable. You’re better than this!’ I hold myself very accountable, but I can talk myself off of ledges too. And that’s a strong thing.”

Centineo, who has been dating girlfriend Alexis Ren for 10 months, has opened up about his sobriety before. In a video that resurfaced via Twitter in August 2018, he noted how being sober has improved his life.

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“I had been partying quite a bit when I lived in L.A. I was having a really good time. When I was turning 21, I was like, ‘Damn, I’ve been partying like crazy since I was 17,’” he explained. “I was like, ‘Wow, maybe I should take a break.’ So I stopped doing all that and I found that a lot of problems I was having in my life, slowly — they didn’t go away, they just became way more apparent to me.”

The Charlie’s Angels actor continued, “When I stopped smoking cigarettes, when I stopped anxiety medication, when I stopped drinking alcohol, and I replaced those habits with yoga and working out, I very quickly over a two month period… I was like, ‘Whoa, these are my problems.’ I can identify my problems, and I can identify more so what’s causing my problems.”

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