PIC: Kirstie Alley Gets Tattoo for 61st Birthday!

 Courtesy of The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Kirstie Alley commemorated her 61st birthday in a very big, very permanent way.

Though she doesn't celebrate the milestone until January 12, Alley already received a pretty cool gift from Ellen DeGeneres: A brand-new tattoo!

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While DeGenres tried to convince Alley (in an interview airing Friday) to ink DeGeneres' initials on her wrist, the former Dancing With the Stars contestant instead chose to etch her kids' initials. "A 'T' and an 'L' for my son True and my daughter Lilly," Alley explained.

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Backstage, DeGeneres set Alley up with L.A. Ink tattoo artist Dan Smith to get her new art on the spot.

As Alley turns 61, the single star tells DeGeneres she's open to dating — but prefers to find a man without the help of meddling pals.

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"I told [my friends] to back off," Alley said. "I will choose my own guy to go out with and I [tend to] choose psychos, players."

DeGeneres suggests Alley go outside her comfort zone, and try to date a guy opposite from her usual tastes. For Alley, that's "butt ugly" men.

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"I'm thinking ugly men might be the solution, Ellen, seriously. Because I go for really handsome men and I think butt ugly would be appreciative. If you're ugly give me a call," Alley joked.

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