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Steve-O Arrested for Climbing Crane During Anti-SeaWorld Protest

Steve-O posted a selfie while climbing a crane to protest Sea World
Jackass star Steve-O was arrested on Sunday, Aug. 9, for performing a dangerous stunt in Hollywood, to protest against SeaWorld.

Shamu is shaking that head. Jackass star Steve-O was arrested on Sunday, Aug. 9, for performing a dangerous stunt in Hollywood, to protest against SeaWorld.

Steve-O (nee Stephen Glover), 41, hinted at what was about to go down on Saturday via Instagram. The daredevil posted a photo of himself hoisting an inflatable killer whale above his head. "This is Shammy," the MTV star wrote. "We're gonna do a big dangerous stunt tomorrow in Los Angeles that will probably get me in a lot of trouble, and you can watch it happen at 7pm PST via a live stream on my Facebook page. #SeeYouAt7pmTomorrow #yeahdude."

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Indeed, that was the case. On Sunday, Steve-O climbed a crane that towered about 100 feet, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. When he reached the top of the crane, he inflated a killer whale which had "SeaWorld Sucks" scrawled across it. According to police, he then lit a firecracker or fireworks at the summit.

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Meanwhile, Steve-O took a selfie of himself hoisted way above Hollywood. "Now I'm really high up in the air," he wrote on Facebook. "Check my last post to see what I'm up to. I'll broadcast live again soon. I think this is gonna be really f–kin crazy."

From up high after the sun had set, Steve-O posted several other live updates. "How many cops do we have? We have one, two…" he shared with fans as he showed the cops filing into the construction site down below. "This is pretty exciting. That's the Hollywood sign behind me."

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Did I mention that I'm really high in the air? Hearing sirens now. Check the video I posted at 7pm to see what I'm doing. I'll stream live again soon for the stunts.

Posted by Steve-O on Sunday, August 9, 2015

In another video, he asked his fans: "Anyone wanna bail me out of jail?"

The Jackass alum eventually climbed down the crane by himself while dozens of emergency personnel, including firefighters and ambulances, awaited him at the construction site.

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He was then taken into custody.

This isn't the first time Steve-O has protested against SeaWorld. After watching the 2013 documentary Blackfish, which tells the tale of killer whales' confinement and mistreatment in theme parks, he was inspired to speak out against the park. In 2014, he changed a freeway sign in San Diego from "SeaWorld Drive" to "SeaWorld Sucks," evading police before getting caught.

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