This Guy Went to McDonald’s to Get a Milkshake and Things Got Weird: ‘I Do Have Many Apple Pies’

McDonalds. Jason Alden/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Next time, try a soft serve and french fries! Josh Raby, the creator of a web series called Local Air, wanted a late-night milkshake from McDonald’s this weekend — but he got much more than that at the drive-thru window. Raby tweeted his McDonald’s experience late Sunday, April 10, in a story thread that has since gone viral, with thousands of people sharing and liking his odd fast-food experience.

“It’s 1AM and I decided I wanted a milkshake. So there’s a McDonald’s near my house,” Raby recalled. “I’m greeted at the drive thru by the following sentence: ‘Hey holy s–t hello, you are at McDonald’s, and I am begging your patience.'”

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Thankfully, the man found his wife. “Then there is a weird series of beeps and when his voice comes back in he is f–king SCREAMING into his headset: ‘I FOUND HER! THANK GOD!'” Raby recalled. 

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Finally, Raby was able to pull through to the pick-up section of the restaurant, where things continued to devolve. “I pull around and they are f–king making out in the window and he has his thumb out like he is aware I will be driving up to this,” he tweeted. “Both of these people are in their mid-40s. They unstick themselves from one another and I hand him my card. ‘Sorry about this. I haven’t worked at McDonald’s in 16 years,’ he says.”

Apparently, the employee didn’t like Raby’s response. “I say ‘it’s fine’ to which he says ‘FINE just stands for F–KED UP, INSECURE, NEUROTIC, and ERROR-PRONE.'”

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Raby then pulled up to the next window to pick up his order. “So listen I get my card and drive ahead to the next window and THERE IS A WHOLE SEPARATE F–KING HUMAN AT THAT WINDOW,” he wrote.

For those who were doubtful about the entire story, Raby posted graphic evidence from his strange encounter.

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