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Wedding Guests Bully, Taunt One Woman for Wearing a Skintight Dress to the Celebration

Everyone knows not to wear solid white to a wedding, but one woman was bullied for showing up in a skintight bodycon dress. 

The Breeze Waikato, a radio station in New Zealand, posted a photo of the woman wearing her sexy outfit to its Facebook page June 26. The woman — whose face is blurred —strikes a pose in a thigh-grazing mini. 

“Can we get some advice from you please?” the Breeze Waikato wrote. “A friend wore this dress to a wedding this weekend and got targeted big time. She says she got treated rudely by other women at the wedding who saw her as a target for wearing this dress.”

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Woman shamed for her dress. Courtesy of The Breeze Waikato/Facebook

The caption continued: “A woman came up behind her and slapped her on the bum and said it was a dare from a group of other women who were watching and snickering. Someone else seemingly purposely spilt a beer on her. She’s amazed that grown women could be so immature and such bullies. OK, but wait. She wants to know — did she bring ANY of this on herself by wearing this dress to a wedding? Your thoughts?”

The post received more than 500 comments, many of them supportive.

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“I actually can’t believe that happened!! That is awful. I can only assume it was jealousy. I think you look fantastic and in all fairness if you turned up in a bikini it still wouldn’t give people the right to slap you or throw stuff at you. Unbelievable.”

Another chimed in: “She looks HOT! I’d be more than happy to have my friends dressed like that if it was my wedding. And I’d be ashamed if I had guests there that would treat someone this way.”

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National etiquette expert Diane Gottsman tells Us Weekly that at a wedding, all eyes are supposed to be on the happy couple — especially the bride and her gorgeous gown. “She’s the No. 1 showstopper,” Gottsman points out. But that said, the expert notes that while the bullied guest “may or may not have chosen the right dress for the wedding, there is never a good reason to be petty or uncivil.”

And if you’re unsure about whether your attire would fit the dress code? “Call and ask,” Gottman advises. 

Gottsman is owner of the Protocol School of Texas.