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Camila Alves: Inside a Day in My Life

Camila Alves: Inside a Day in My Life
Camila Alves.Courtesy

Living a healthy lifestyle is important to Camila Alves. Between her family obligations and work duties, the model always likes to make sure she’s nourishing her body and mind every day.

“Exercise and movement is something that I depend on,” Alves, 39, exclusively tells Us Weekly, noting that she enjoys doing Pilates with her husband Matthew McConaughey’s 89-year-old mother, Kay, who lives with them. “[It] sets [me] into gear for the week.”

While managing her diet, the Women of Today blogger also likes to set a good example for her children: Levi, 12, Vida, 11, and Livingston, 8.

“One of my favorite things to do [is] cook,” says Alves, so she can “learn and share how to make better choices with small sustainable changes.”

So usually in the morning, “the kids ether make their own or help make breakfast,” she reveals. “It’s [crucial] that my family starts off the day right with a healthy and balanced [meal].”

For dinner, Alves always ensures she cooks with a veggie from her homegrown garden.

“I am a daughter of a farmer,” she explains, “so having my kids exposed to that relationship with Mother Nature and food is super important for me! They get to see the whole cycle from a seed to the table.”

When it comes to her daily self-care routine, Alves likes to take a few minutes out of her day to “focus on my beauty routine from the inside out.”


“I add Natural Vitality Calm to my tea, which relaxes me from the day and sets my mind for a good night’s sleep,” says the lifestyle guru. “I [also] take NeoCell’s Super Collagen Peptides to get my daily dose of collagen to boost my hair, skin and nails.”

Want to see Alves’ day in action? Keep scrolling to see how the mom of three spends her time.

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