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25 Things You Don’t Know About Me: Rachael Ray

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Rachael Ray, 42, (Check local listings for Rachael Ray, airing weekdays) shares the 25 things you don't know about her with

1. I cannot make a decent cup of coffee.

2. I'm an enormous indie music fan.

3. I love to jump out of airplanes.

4. I've trained my husband, John [Cusimano], to use as many face creams as I do.

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5. My middle name is Domenica. It means Sunday.

6. I'm a lousy whistler.

7. I give 100 percent of my proceeds from the dog food Nutrish to animal rescue. I wish everyone who has a dog would buy some so we could save more animals!

8. I have never watched myself on television.

9. My husband is a hell of a mixologist.

10. Sadly, I don't have any nicknames!

11. I can't go to bed unless the sofa pillows are fluffed and the dishes are put away.

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12. My 30 Minute Meals have gone into outer space on a shuttle.

13. I'm an amateur photographer. If I wasn't working in food, that's probably what I would have done for a living.

14. I am infamous for setting toast on fire.

15. I don't love mayonnaise, but I'm obsessed with deviled eggs. I've probably written about 50 different stuffed-egg recipes.

16. Austin is my second favorite city in America. It's utopian; it always celebrates the individual. Love it!

17. My favorite screenplay is Paddy Chayefsky's Network.

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18. I am not much of a baker because I do not have the patience to measure.

19. I wish I had taken typing in high school.

20. Tina Fey is at the top of my girl-crush list.

21. I'm a huge Jets fan and a huge Red Sox fan. A true contradiction!

22. My favorite karaoke song is "Don't Stop Believin'."

23. I am a freak at Boggle. I dare anyone to beat my scores!

24. I like handwritten notes better than emails.

25. My first word was vino.

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