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‘A Christmas Story Live!’ Viewers Confused by Musical Event — Read the Reactions

It’s never easy to recreate a classic, especially on live television. Not all fans of the 1983 holiday hit, A Christmas Story, were impressed by the live adaptation that aired on Sunday, December 17.

What many failed to notice — or rather what Fox had failed to explain ahead of time — was that this production wasn’t actually an adaptation of the movie. In 2012, the movie was adapted into A Christmas Story: The Musical … that was adapted into A Christmas Story Live!

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Maya Rudolph, Andy Walkin, Tyler Wladis and Chris Diamantopoulos in A Christmas Story Live!
Maya Rudolph, Andy Walkin, Tyler Wladis and Chris Diamantopoulos in ‘A Christmas Story Live!’

“Please stop with all this singing. I came here to see a live version of A Christmas Story. Not a musical. Please stop ruining a classic,” one viewer tweeted. Another wrote: “They didn’t advertise A Christmas Story Live as a musical and honestly I’m not impressed. I love a good musical but this just is not up to par.”

The live musical did have quite the impressive cast: Maya Rudolph and Chris Diamantopoulos played Ralphie’s parents, Matthew Broderick was the narrator, Jane Krakowski was Miss Shields and newcomer Andy Walken played Ralph Parker.

However, its length was also an issue among viewers, as it spanned over three hours.

”This A Christmas Story Live is cute and everyone involved is very talented but I swear it has been on for 7 hours,” one viewer tweeted.

“Ok, Fox. I tried. I really did. But if A Christmas Story Live is going to be three-hours (?!?!) of this, I’ll just watch the movie twice and be just fine,” another tweeted adding, “#ImGoingToShootMyEyeOutInstead.”

Peter Billingsley in A Christmas Story in 1983.
Peter Billingsley in ‘A Christmas Story’ in 1983.

One viewer wrote, “I’ll only accept this A Christmas Story Live thing if it goes for 24 hours nonstop.”

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The last live production on Fox was Grease: Live, running just over two hours. Every year A Christmas Story airs every year on TBS on Christmas day for 24 hours.

However, not everyone had negative reviews. Sarah Jessica Parker, who is married to Broderick, posted a photo of her husband on Instagram, writing, “Swoon. Way to go baby. Now go have a drink and get your a— home to NYC. X, sj.”

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