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Actor Jay Baruchel: Why I Insisted on a “Butt Double” for New Film


Jay Baruchel, who audiences know as a pot-smoking slacker in Knocked Up (opposite fellow Canadian Seth Rogen), gets his first leading role in a major film in She's Out of My League. Lanky Baruchel plays a geeky airport security officer who falls for a gorgeous blonde party planner (Alice Eve), and, to his friends' great surprise, begins dating her.

The Montreal resident, 27, tells about the role — and why he insisted on a butt double. You didn't want to play this guy as a total loser, right?

Jay Baruchel: He's sympathetic, he's moderately compelling, he's not pathetic. It was important to me that it not be about a guy whose life sucks and then he meets a good-looking girl and everything gets better.

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Us: How much are you like the characters you play?

JB: There's a chunk of myself in every part I play. There has to be, otherwise I'll suck at it! There was a chick who it took me a fair amount of time to get over, so I was heartbroken for a bit.

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Us: You opted for a butt double in the manscaping scene. Why?

JB: Two things. One, I have a little sister and my mother who live two blocks away from me. I don't need my junk being out there for everyone to see. Also, had they really wanted me to be naked in it, they should have asked me when they were negotiating my friggin' contract!

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Us: How did you go about picking which backside would be yours?

JB: Whichever one had the least amount of ingrown hairs.

Us: Are you comfortable carving out a niche playing nerdy underdogs?

JB: You grow up skinny in Canada in working-class Montreal, you're definitely the underdog, so hell yeah! Bring it on!

— By Bradley Jacobs for, with reporting by Zach Johnson

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