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Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Chris Bukowski Quits the Show, Asks Elise Mosca to Leave With Him

Cast of Bachelor in Paradise
In episode three of Bachelor in Paradise, Chris Bukowski quit the show because of an injury and asked Elise Mosca to leave with him; plus, new love triangles emerge amid the couples

Just another day in Paradise. After last week's drama with Michelle K. and the crew member, episode three of ABC's Bachelor in Paradise seemed relatively tame. But tame doesn't mean boring. A few new love triangles popped up this week, and yet another contestant made the choice to leave of his own volition. It's a bit complicated with all the conscious couplings and uncouplings, so let's look at each pair (or trio) individually. 

Michelle M., Marquel, and Danielle

After giving Marquel her rose last week, Michelle M. "definitely thinks he's the one" she can see a future with. That is, until Danielle enters the picture. Danielle, a contestant on Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor, joins the group after the rose ceremony and promptly invites Marquel to join her on a date in Campeche, Mexico, the next day. Michelle, seeing him accept the invitation, immediately decides she's "over" him.

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Danielle, Marquel, and Jackie

With Michelle out of the picture, Danielle is feeling pretty good about her chances with Marquel, whom she watched on Andi's season of The Bachelorette. They spend their date getting to know each other in a pool, but the fun is cut somewhat short when a storm rolls in and Marquel is nearly hit by lightning.

That close call aside, Danielle thinks the date went well and is looking forward to a second one. When they return to Paradise later that night, however, they meet Jackie, from Sean's season of The Bachelor. Jackie notes that the rest of the group is pretty solidly coupled up, so she takes a shot at Marquel and invites him on a date for the next day, which he accepts in front of Danielle.

Things between Jackie and Marquel go amazingly well. So well, in fact, that he breaks his "no kissing on the first date" rule. Danielle is still interested, though, and tells him so before the next rose ceremony, which means he has to choose between her and Jackie.

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Michelle M., Robert, and Sarah

After washing her hands of Marquel, Michelle M. sets her sights on Robert, who received a rose from Sarah last week. "I'm so into Robert," she gushes, lamenting the fact that she didn't realize it sooner. Worried she blew it by giving her rose to Marquel, she conspires with Clare to arrange a double date later that night, for her, Robert, Clare, and Zack.

Sarah is crushed over this new development. While Robert is off with Michelle, she cries to the cameras that she once again feels like an outcast. "I feel like some prettier, more well-put-together girl swooped in and had the confidence to do what I didn't," she says through her tears.

Robert is definitely into Michelle, but he likes Sarah, too. "I think she's here for all the right reasons," he says. (If you're playing a Bachelor in Paradise drinking game, that's your cue to do a shot.)

Graham and AshLee

AshLee still has eyes only for Graham, and is already imagining how "hot" their babies will be, despite the fact that they haven't even been on a date yet. Graham, meanwhile, is flattered by the attention but rightly thinks she's getting a little ahead of herself. "I don't want to sound crazy, but I'm semi-obsessed with Graham," she says when they finally do get their date in Campeche. (Note to AshLee: If you "don't want to sound crazy," it's probably not a good idea to use the word "obsessed" in the same sentence, especially about a guy you've known for like a week.)

Graham tries to manage her expectations — "I just want to have a good time…not putting too much pressure on forever," he says — but AshLee doesn't give in easily. "Only thing my lips have been doing in Paradise is sipping on some water. They want to be loving on Graham and kissing on him," she purrs. Sorry, Ash, maybe next time. "I think it's pretty appropriate that we don't spend the night together," he says.

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Chris and Elise

Chris got a rose from Elise last week, but only after she offered it to Dylan and he refused it. Fortunately for her, he doesn't seem to mind being sloppy seconds. In fact, he embraces it — and she embraces him. Everything she previously felt for Dylan, she now feels for Chris, whom she describes as the "perfect Prince Charming" to take her on her first one-on-one date in Campeche.

The date goes well, but Chris is in serious pain after injuring his knee back in Paradise. He rallies enough to "enjoy her behind closed doors" overnight, but the next day, they head to the hospital. Upon returning to Paradise — with Chris on crutches — Elise takes it upon herself to play nurse. She wants to prove she can be nurturing, and she loves the idea of them being in a "real-life situation" together. "Pain is a turning point in our relationship," she coos.

Zack and Clare

Clare's bond with Zack is stronger than ever this week, especially after he comforts her the night before the 10-year anniversary of her dad's death. During their heart-to-heart on the beach, they see a giant turtle laying eggs, which Clare takes as a sign that she's made a good choice in Zack. (It has something to do with life and death.)

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Marcus and Lacy

Despite being ready to marry season 10 Bachelorette Andi just weeks earlier, Marcus is totally smitten with Lacy. The two of them are practically picking out china patterns already, and have no interest in dating anyone else in Paradise. "He just makes me giddy and smiley. I'm definitely falling for Marcus," Lacy raves.

The Rose Ceremony

Since it's the guys' turn to hand out roses this week, two of the eight girls will be going home. The first three to be safe are AshLee, Clare, and Lacy, who get roses from Graham, Zack, and Marcus, respectively. Marquel and Robert — the only guys with multiple women lusting after them — go next, giving their buds to Jackie and Sarah.

With Chris the only guy left, it looks as if Michelle and Danielle are headed home — until Chris announces that even though he likes Elise, he can't give her the rose. He's leaving Paradise because of his knee, and he wants her to go with him. The rose is still his to give, though, so he offers it to Michelle, who tearfully accepts. "I'll never forget this as long as I live," she says, crying.