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Below Deck’s Barbie Pascual Leaves in the Middle of the Night After Explosive Fight: ‘F—k Everybody’

Below Decks Barbie Pascual Leaves in the Middle of the Night After Explosive Fight
Barbie Pascual Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

Below Deck‘s Barbie Pascual made a dramatic exit by storming off the boat late at night hours before season 11 came to an end.

During the finale, which aired on Tuesday, May 28, Barbie appeared hopeful about her future. She was making plans with then-boyfriend Kyle Stillie and preparing to return to her family. However, the last crew night out put a damper on things when Xandi Olivier reflected on Barbie’s past mistakes.

“We all know Barbie would have been gone,” Xandi, who was drinking along with everyone else, admitted. “I would have. If you would have been my stew, I would have let you go. You had a bad attitude but now you have adapted.”

Xandi’s compliment about Barbie’s growth wasn’t well received by the stew, who replied, “I’m sorry that all the time the interior has been against me but I made it through. You just said you would have fired me if I was your chief stew.”

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In response, Xandi tried to explain that she was “glad” Barbie made it to the end. The point didn’t come across though.

“I made it through because my captain believed in me and I’m sorry that I busted my ass all season,” Barbie fired back. “Why do I get these negative comments all the time? Why is it always against me? I’m still here. I’m done. I’ll shut up. All I’ve done is be nice to you and be thankful to you and appreciative to you. Why the f—k are you attacking me?”

The arguing, which took place in a van on the way back to St. David, became worse when Kyle and Paris Field got involved. Fraser Olender, meanwhile, made attempts to calm Xandi down as her anxiety escalated.

“You need to relax a little bit,” Kyle told Barbie. “I’m telling you, you need to shut the f—k up. That’s me back in your corner.”

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The lack of support from Kyle only made the situation worse, especially considering those two exchanged “I love yous” for the first time earlier that night. Xandi ultimately couldn’t take Barbie’s yelling and screamed that she wanted to be let out of “this f—king car.”

Once back onboard, Barbie initially shut herself in her room. “I don’t need any of these f—king idiots in my f—king life. I’m successful. All I did was work my ass off. F—k everybody.”

She continued: “F—k off Kyle. You are supposed to be the person on my team. All you do is back other people up. Get the f—k away from me. Leave me the f—k alone. You’re a f—king backstabbing bitch. I am sick of all of you. You all suck. Especially you.”

Below Decks Barbie Pascual Leaves in the Middle of the Night After Explosive Fight
Barbie Pascual Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

Barbie’s demeanor shifted as she decided to pack up her bags and leave.

“You guys wanted to drive me bats—t crazy? You win. Everybody wins. I don’t need this s—t and I’m done. I quit,” she continued. “I’m going to go straight to a five-star resort. You pieces of s—t. I don’t f—king need this.”

In a confessional, Barbie clarified that she wasn’t actually leaving her job. “This is not me quitting because my job is done. All I did this season was put my ego aside and work on myself,” she noted. “And to have these people continuously continue to be against me it just sucks. Nobody here cares about me.”

Kyle called the incident the “worst thing that could have happened” when Barbie left in a car without speaking to him.

“Me and Kyle are f—king done. I am never going to be with somebody who doesn’t have my back. To have this guy that I broke every wall with and I went against my family with, to have this guy sit next to me and let these people attack me,” she said while crying on screen. “Kyle is the biggest disappointment of them all. I never want to see Kyle again.”

After the drama, the crew went to sleep and woke up in the morning with some regrets. Kyle specifically revealed that his relationship with Barbie was officially over hours after they were discussing the next steps for them.

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“I got a message from her last night [which read], ‘Change your f—king flight. I never want to see you again,'” Kyle revealed. “[I] put my heart on the table. I am putting on a brave face but I am gutted. She took me for a ride.”

Xandi also wasn’t thrilled with how she ended things with Barbie, saying, “I feel disappointed that it ended like this. I wish I didn’t say it but a drunk mouth speaks sober truth.”

Captain Kerry Titheradge was subsequently clued into what took place. He checked in on Barbie by calling her, which is when she expanded on her decision to walk off late at night.

“I am just disappointed that it all went down like this. I’m done. I don’t have to be on a yacht where people are attacking me. I need to work on myself but I also need to work on myself with people that care. Not with people that don’t,” she detailed. “I don’t like the hotel I was in so there’s a nice villa next to it that I’m trying to book.”

Kerry acknowledged that Barbie’s ending made sense after a tense season. “She didn’t quite fit in,” he said. “I feel for her because she tried. She really did.”

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Before the finale aired on Bravo, Barbie exclusively told Us Weekly how she wasn’t always thrilled watching the season back.

“I’m shocked at my attitude and I definitely regret it,” she admitted in March. “The biggest misconception [that fans formed from the show] is that I’m heartless. I see a lot of things that people write about me. I see a lot that I’m just mean and I think that’s the biggest misconception.”

Barbie concluded: “I’m working crazy hour days. I know what it takes to get the job done. I know how to do the job. I’m totally focused on the job and maybe the formalities of being so sweet don’t come off, but I’m not mean or malicious.”

Below Deck season 11 is currently streaming on Peacock.

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