Big Brother’s Christmas Abbott Reacts to Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson Joining ‘The Amazing Race’

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Christmas Abbott Tony Pearce

Christmas Abbott wasn’t the biggest fan of Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson in the Big Brother house, but that won’t stop her from rooting for the couple when they appear on the upcoming season of The Amazing Race.

“Whatever happened between Cody and me in the house, or Cody and me and Jess in the house, or me and Jess in the house — for me, that stays in the house. I can get past that,” the fitness superstar, 35, exclusively tells Us Weekly. “I know that they’ll do well. They’re both very physical, they’re very sharp. I think that they’ll do well.”

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Abbott broke her foot just two weeks into the summer, but she persevered and finished in third place behind her two closest allies, Josh Martinez and Paul Abrahamian. Now, she’s on the road to recovery in hopes of one day competing on The Amazing Race herself.

Jessica Graf Cody Nickson Big Brother
Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson on ‘Big Brother’ season 19. Bill Inoshita/CBS

“They can pick me next year once my foot is healed,” she tells Us. “I can come back full-throttle because I definitely did not get to demonstrate [on Big Brother] what I was capable of.”

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As for who she’d choose as her teammate? “I have a short list,” the CrossFit athlete quips. “Obviously Josh would be super fun. Paul would be really good. Alex [Ow] would be amazing. I think me and Alex would be a great duo. I’m not sure if it was portrayed or not, but Alex and I got pretty close in the house and I love that girl. She is a badass and she’s going to do amazing things with her life.”

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Us: Is there something that you miss most about being in the house?

CA: Oh, my gosh. I honestly miss the Joshmas cuddles! Josh is so funny. The three of us just had such an amazing time together, and all of the videos of us goofing off and playing around, that was real. That was authentic. I’ll tell you what I don’t miss: I don’t miss using butter knives to cut chicken and any other product. They only give us butter knives and in the beginning I’m like, “Well, this is kind of extreme. Really? We don’t even get real cutting knives?” And then, like, two weeks in, I’m like, “I understand.”

Us: Have you watched any of the episodes back yet?

CA: Nope! [laughs]

Us: Do you plan to?

CA: I don’t think so. I have my memory of it. I like watching the little clips of us doing silly things. I enjoy that, but I’m not really interested in reliving all of the aspects that production put out there. I remember what I experienced, how I felt and my takeaway from that, and I think I’m OK with that.

Christmas Abbott
Christmas Abbott Tony Pearce

Us: Prior to Big Brother, you published two books and they both have the word “badass” in title. What makes you a badass?

CA: I actually didn’t name myself that. My fans named me that, so eventually I just kind of adopted what they had said about me. It’s your mindset. Knowing that you’re going to do something and knowing that you want to do something and you don’t care what people think about it. You’re going to go give it your all. It’s OK to be a beginner. It’s that kind of mindset that makes you a badass. Being able to be uncomfortable. Being able to get out of your comfort zone and try something new and do the work. That makes people badass.

Us: Who would you like to see compete on the first-ever U.S. version of Celebrity Big Brother?

CA: I am a huge fan of Mark Wahlberg for multiple reasons. I think that him and his family connection is a beautiful thing. His work has been really incredible for his acting but also his love and support for his brother. I’ve just been a fan for a long time. I would love to see him on the show. I think that he would be a triple threat and do really, really well actually.

Us: Any final words?

CA: I just want to thank everybody for the continued support. Coming out of the Big Brother house has been a transition, and I’m just really trying to take things slow and listen to my heart and intuition and doing the things that I’ve been putting off for years to do, and just make more time for myself. I’m really grateful for the experience and I love the lessons that I’ve taken away from it.

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