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Big Brother’s Swaggy C: Angela Rummans Is the Biggest Floater, ‘It’s a Summer Vacation for Her’ (Exclusive)

Chris “Swaggy C” Williams and Angela Rummans Sonja Flemming/CBS

Angela Rummans has quietly stayed under the radar since becoming an early target on Big Brother — and many have noticed. One person in particular, however, doesn’t think she’s a strong contestant.

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“She’s a floater. She does nothing in the game,” Chris “Swaggy C” Williams exclusively told Us Weekly, shortly after being evicted in week two. “People have it misconstrued that she’s a strong competitor because she battled me in the first competitions. People got it messed up. That competition that she won, she came in fourth place. Tyler [Crispen] came in first and Bayleigh [Dayton] came in second, but it was basically if you had the correct boulder or not. She just got lucky and got the right boulder and then she lost to me in that surfing competition and that was it.”

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He added: “She was never this physical threat that everyone made her out to be.”

The day trader doesn’t think that it’s part of Angela’s strategy either. “She actually is a floater,” he insisted. “She does nothing in the game. She literally goes outside, she tans all day, she comes inside, she showers, and she goes to sleep. It’s a summer vacation for her. She’s not playing the game. She has Brett [Robinson] and Winston [Hines] and Rachel [Swindler] to play the game and she just does what they want but she’s not doing anything.” (Angela, Brett, Winston and Rachel make up the Level Six alliance with Tyler and Kaycee Clark.)

Angela isn’t the biggest floater, though. According to Swaggy C, JC Mounduix is. “But he actually has plans with floaters,” he reasoned. “He actually has a plan — like this side is gonna take this side out [and he’ll be in] the middle. That’s a planned floater. She is just a natural floater. She can’t help it.”

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Swaggy C was evicted from the house with a vote of 8-4. Winston followed on Thursday, July 19, becoming the third contestant to say goodbye to their chance at $500,000.

Season 20 of Big Brother airs on CBS on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET and Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.