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‘The Biggest Loser’ Star Dolvett Quince’s Recap: ‘Crazy Intense’ Weigh-In Leads to Final 4

We start week 11 with only six contestants left on The Biggest Loser‘s Monday, February 15, episode. In an intense challenge to win the game, Erin scores a one-pound advantage for herself, and a one-pound disadvantage to give to someone else.

It’s a lot of power for one contestant to have at this stage in the game, so at the last-chance workout, I decide to have a chat with Erin to see where her head is at. Ultimately, she decides to give the one-pound disadvantage to Roberto — who always puts up big numbers — in the hopes of slowing down his lost 10 pounds.

Dolvett Quince
Dolvett Quince Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

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After three weeks of low numbers, we were hoping for Felicia to put up a big number at the weigh-in, but she only lost four pounds. But she has lost 55 pounds total.

Colby, Roberto, Stephen and Jacky made it through. Erin only lost three pounds and fell below the line with Felicia. She lost 59 pounds total. This is where The Biggest Loser is so crazy intense — the top two at this week’s challenge became the bottom two at the weigh-in. Erin received three votes and got sent home.

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In the last week before the finale, contestants had to run up a hill to 11 checkpoints signifying every previous weigh-in, wearing the weight they lost so far and removing the amount they lost at each checkpoint. I love when we do challenges like this because it’s important for contestants to realize how each week of weight loss might have seemed small in the moment but made a big impact on who they are now — spiritually and mentally, as well as physically. Roberto won the challenge and wisely picked the two-pound advantage over $25,000.

Then, Jen and I got to sit down with each of our contestants and watch their “journey” videos. It’s such an important time for them to see how far they have come and how this experience has helped transform them into the new, better people they are today — I’m so grateful that they allow me to share that moment with them.

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At the final weigh-in on the ranch, there is a double red line. Whoever falls below it immediately gets sent home. First, Roberto loses six pounds (114 total). Then, Jacky loses six (89 total). Her husband Stephen loses 10 (100 total) and becomes the first contestant to go to the finale. Felicia loses three and immediately gets eliminated, but I am so proud at how healthy and strong she has become. She’s already a winner. That makes Roberto the second contestant in the finale. Last to weigh in is Colby — will it be him or Jacky to go to the finals? You’ll have to wait until next week to see who makes it through!

Colby Wright and Dolvett Quince
Colby Wright and Dolvett Quince Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

How gorgeous does Erin look at home? Eighty-one pounds gone and going strong! So proud of my girl — the change has done her good! And could you feel Felicia’s confidence when we caught up with her at home? She looks amazing!

So who do you think made it through to the finals — Colby or Jacky? Whose “journey” video inspired you the most? Are you excited for the live finale next week?

The Biggest Loser airs on NBC Mondays at 9 p.m. EST. Dolvett Quince has been a trainer on the show since season 12 and is recapping each season 17 episode for Us Weekly.