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Buy Instagram Views – Reel Views and Story Views (2023)

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This following is sponsored content. Us Weekly is not endorsing the websites or products set forth below.

When an individual decides to focus on their Instagram promotion, they generally center around how to get more Instagram followers or how to get more Instagram likes. This isn’t a bad approach, yet there is one major aspect that is missing, and that is Instagram views. Instagram views are the uncelebrated yet truly great metric of Instagram engagement and people sometimes tend to overlook their power. Getting more Instagram views can take some time when you do it all alone. In case you’re hoping to speed things up and get some help, you can buy Instagram views to assist you with getting things rolling.

There are a lot of reasons why Instagram views matter for your profile and it’s no surprise that an ever-increasing number of individuals are looking to get them. Instagram utilizes an algorithm to choose which content is important and ought to be suggested. It is quite tricky to master this algorithm without some external help. Some benefits of buying views include – expanding your reach, building your online presence, getting a competitive advantage, and saving your time. We have curated this extensive list of the best sites to buy Instagram views for you – choose the one that fits your requirements the most and let your profile take over Instagram!

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Views



Viralyft is one of the top contenders to buy Instagram views. Instagram views from Viralyft help your content reach its maximum potential by getting its due credit and visibility. With top-quality, diverse Instagram views, Viralyft carries quality traffic to your Instagram account. These views are from genuine profiles of real Instagram users who watch your Instagram videos and reels.

This drives greater engagement on your Instagram feed. Basically, the Instagram algorithm will support your account by suggesting it in search results and the explore page when individuals look for content that is like yours. Instagram views bundles available to purchase from this supplier start at 500 views and go up to 50,000 views.

They have a dedicated 24/7 customer support team that ensures you get assistance no matter what time you need it. After placing your order, you can also track your request consistently right on their site by entering your tracking ID. With safe delivery and secure payment options, Viralyft guarantees a smooth journey to growing your social media presence.


GetViral is a standout amongst the other best sites to buy Instagram views from. It assists your profile in developing organically by increasing your profile’s visibility. Quick and viable, GetViral offers great quality Instagram videos and reels views from global Instagram users.

Further, they despise fake accounts just like you do. Thus, with this supplier, you will get Instagram views from a crowd of real people that will enhance your account’s reach. GetViral brings genuine, worldwide views for Instagram videos or reels to support your content. With their authentic views to back your content, you could even land straight on the Explore page of Instagram! This could be a game-changing achievement for getting famous via social media. Nonetheless, one drawback of purchasing Instagram views from here is that GetViral doesn’t work with focusing on your target audience. That is, you can’t channel your crowd depending on the country, age, interests, and so forth. However, Instagram’s own algorithm won’t be taking this into account; which means your potential to go viral still stands true.

Thus, regardless of whether the viewers are targeted or not, you can still reach an immense amount of people through the snowball effect of the Instagram algorithm. Costs to purchase Instagram views range from $1.99 to $59.99.  GetViral is very timely in their deliveries and you can expect results in 60 minutes on average!


Social Pros

SocialPros are social media marketing services that work consistently to help you expand your Instagram reach and connections. This site has a wide social network that supports many popular platforms like Facebook, Spotify, Soundcloud, and more. This way it cross-promotes your videos to get maximum diverse views.

SocialPros employs the most authentic methods to organically promote your content. This ensures that you shine out among your competitors and reach your target audience. From providing excellent marketing ideas to offering reliable support to every client, SocialPros is the best site to buy Instagram views, likes, and followers. Its cost-effective plans start from $2.50 and go up to $100 for bigger Instagram engagement. To receive the order, you only have to share your post URL or Instagram username. It usually takes 1-2 days to see the results on your profile.



Are you looking for quick results without having to reveal your password? Then ViewsExpert is your answer! Their sole motive is to help you boost your account organically and in the right direction.

With ViewsExpert, you can get more Instagram engagement in all forms, be it views, likes, comments, followers, etc. On the off chance that you need cross-stage development, Views Expert likewise has you covered, offering service bundles for Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

As far as Instagram views are concerned, ViewsExpert gives four views packages for you to look over, with the priciest bundle giving you 50,000 views. You have tremendous potential to develop with Views Expert. They deliver results anytime between an hour to 24 hours.

ViewsExpert’s pricing starts at $1 for 500 views and goes up to $57 for 50,000 views if you ask us- that’s a small price to pay for Insta fame!



If you’re searching for the best site to assist you with organically increasing your reach on Instagram quickly – then FollowerPackages may just be the best choice for you. They will never ask you for your passwords and guarantee full security. This site offers you all services on Instagram that will promote your profile and they do so at a pretty reasonable cost.

FollowerPackages offers attractive options that can help transform any newbie Instagrammer into an online sensation in the blink of an eye. When you choose your package and the payment is made, you will get overall views/likes/followers on your account bit by bit over a period of time until the order is completed. FollowerPackages works under the rules set by Instagram shielding your account from getting banned or restricted by the Instagram algorithm.

In the rare event of you facing an issue while making an order, you can contact FollowerPackages client support agents who are accessible 24 hours a day to get your concerns addressed.  Utilize FollowerPackages Instagram promotion services now and get moving on your path to Instagram stardom! FollowerPackages pricing starts from $1.99 for 500 views and goes up to $59.99 for 50,000 views.


Extraordinary when compared with other social media growth service providers, SocialPackages is specifically designed to carry more traffic to your account. All things considered, Instagram promotion services from this supplier are something that has a huge customer base, from newbies to celebs. Regardless of whether you are an influencer or a brand, SocialPackages gives premium quality Instagram views to help the permeability of your content.

In this way, SocialPackages helps to find an audience that will find your content more worthwhile and engaging. Subsequently, the accounts that will be viewing your content are more targeted to your niche. Moreover, Instagram views from SocialPackages come from a wide range of Instagram profiles. This gives your content a worldwide permeability and hence, more potential for global development. SocialPackages’ pricing starts at $1.50 for 500 views and goes up to $49.50 for 50,000 views.

Assuming you are somebody who follows quality above all the other things, odds are that will be your most favored website to buy Instagram views. With genuine views, genuine engagement, and genuine development, offers extraordinary types of offers at costs that you just can’t say no to! It brings genuine Instagram video views to expand engagement for you and draw in new people to discover your content. grows your Instagram presence through organic approaches and an intelligent algorithm to target the right audience. What this does is channel the traffic towards your profile using area, interests, age, sex, and other parameters s filters. It directs only the people who would find your content enticing and hence be more drawn to comment or engage with your profile. This expands the likelihood of these guests changing over to your Instagram followers.’s pricing starts at $1.99 for 500 views and goes up to $59.99 for 50,000 views.


It’s an obvious fact that to be famous on social media you need to make sure that your content is in the limelight consistently. Famups understands this, and to help you gain popularity, AND stay popular, it offers a wide range of services.

They have been around for quite a few years now and have made a solid name in the field of Instagram growth. With Famups’ tools, you can purchase Instagram views, followers, likes, and various other services for an assortment of social media websites. Having a strong presence on other social media platforms is certainly not something terrible; it can, indeed, help with overall Instagram presence.

Famups offers you an opportunity to have everything with their expansive range of service bundles. Their services are extremely secure and you will never be asked for your password or any other sensitive information. Famups’ pricing starts at $6 for 500 views and goes up to $200 for 50,000 views.


Famoid professes to be the better approach for getting popular on social media and its services really vouch for this case. With its effective services, this supplier makes your growth on Instagram a smooth experience. Famoid’s efficiency can be owed to years of experience in this field and expertise in digital marketing.

What makes Famoid interesting is that they bring every one of their views employing publicizing campaigns. These missions are focused on target audience groups and individual profiles to drive genuine engagement. This ensures zero bots on your profile.

At Famoid, you can purchase genuine, moderately priced, and excellent Instagram views alongside profile visits, impressions, and connections. Famoid’s pricing starts at $2.95 for 100 Instagram views and goes up to $99.95 for 25,000 video views.


In case you’re frustrated with new social media growth platforms springing up every day and attempting to offer you fake Instagram followers and views, you’ll be glad to know that UseViral has been honing its abilities for quite a long time. They are currently one of the forerunners in social media services.

UseViral not only offers Instagram views, likes, and followers, but you can also purchase services for TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and a bunch of other online media networks.

Interestingly, UseViral doesn’t play with inauthentic followers and engagement; they only give you 100% authenticity. That implies UseViral has a solid base of users that are directed to your profile to convey genuine Instagram views and engagement. UseViral offers a huge exhibit of bundle options at various costs; we suggest you go over to their website today and chose what works best for you! UseViral’s pricing starts at $1.50 for 500 views and goes up to $57.50 for 50,000 views.

Social Viral

This supplier does precisely what its name suggests — make your social media account turn into a viral sensation. It does as such by bringing genuine and elite Instagram views to your account for boosting your quality on the platform.

Regardless of whether you are an influencer or a startup, with Instagram views from Social Viral, you can fabricate your own image. It assists with boosting your online presence among dynamic Instagram accounts so they additionally enhance your engagement ratio. Moreover, making your profile more visible on Instagram also assists you with winning the blessings of the Instagram algorithm – which we all know is quite tricky to achieve.

Therefore, your account positions higher in search results and even shows up as suggestions when the crowd looks for comparable content. Pricing for Social Viral views packages starts at $1.99 for 500 views and goes up to $99.99 for 150,000 views.

Sides Media

SidesMedia has been a top choice for a lot of people for quite some time now and can furnish you with genuine Instagram views as well as likes, followers, and a lot more. If you need legitimate Instagram growth that will help get your profile seen, SidesMedia can definitely help you.

Instagram is not the only social media that SidesMedia can help you with, they additionally offer top-quality bundles for other online platforms including TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and more. You can make a solid social media presence through SidesMedia.

Can you trust the authenticity of the views provided by SidesMedia? Yes, and there’s a strong reason to do so. They’ve made an enormous in-house organization of Instagram users that work to give their customers genuine Instagram followers and engagement. Their pricing starts from $1.50 for 500 views and goes up to $11.50 for 5000 views. With quick, guaranteed delivery of results, responsive customer support, and cheap costs, SidesMedia is an incredible alternative for building your online presence.


Are you looking to get Instagram views within minutes? Then, you need not go any further than Buzzoid to buy Instagram views. It will convey quality Instagram views and make your post visible to exactly the right set of audience, that too within a few minutes! Buzzoid is an expert supplier of Instagram-related services.

With the help of Buzzoid, when new viewers watch your content, the Instagram algorithm further advances it through higher search results rankings. This may even get your post on the Explore page. Once you reach there, the magic starts happening on its own. After reaching the Explore page, your content will start getting discovered by more and more people. Buzzoid’s services are ideal for influencers who are just starting and have a limited budget. Buzzoid’s pricing starts at $1.99 for 500 views and goes up to $74.99 for 50,000 views.


Are you looking for unadulterated, organic Instagram growth that can knock your socks off? If yes then Growthoid is an astounding alternative for you to buy Instagram views from. They’ve totally changed the way that you get Instagram followers, likes, views, and lost more.

With their authentic and organic Instagram development services, Growthoid will create interest around your profile amongst your target audience and help you gain all the more genuine Instagram followers, get more likes, comments, views, and every other possible engagement.

With adaptable services bundles that suit any financial plan and needs, Growthoid will assist you with having a balanced Instagram execution that will eventually give you a strategically drawn-out Instagram growth plan.


An all-in-one solution for all your social media growth-related requirements, Get Real Boost offers the best types of assistance for Instagram development. It brings veritable Instagram views from an overall crowd to make your profile look more wide-reaching. Moreover, it gives your content legitimate, worldwide visibility to enhance your range and permeability on the platform.

Once you buy Instagram views from this site, you are really pursuing getting genuine connections on your Instagram profile, from individuals who are really inspired by your posts. All things considered, your content will be seen and shared more and naturally, become popular on Instagram. It improves your opportunity to stand out enough to be noticed for your content, while also expanding your engagement ratio. Their pricing starts from $6 for 1000 views and goes up to $195 for 50,000 views.


In case you’re searching for a site to assist you with growing your Instagram following organically, then InstaPalace is the ideal spot for you. This site tied in with offering special types of assistance for Instagram and has extraordinary aptitude in it. Its marketing service packages include Instagram likes, views, comments, followers, and saves.

The way toward buying Instagram views is as basic as it gets – first, you need to choose a service bundle then, enter your video URL after which you will be diverted to the payment page where you will pay the site for the chosen bundle. After this, you can simply unwind and allow InstaPalace to work its magic.

Results are delivered anytime between a couple of hours to a couple of days depending upon the bundle picked. The exchange is free from any danger as InstaPalace doesn’t need your Instagram account password for making the delivery. InstaPalace has 24/7 accessible customer support and great services along with a satisfied and well-retained client base. InstaPalace’s pricing starts at $2 for 100 views and goes up to $40 for 10,000 views.


The best thing about Socials Growth is that it has helped a ton of Instagrammers get really big really quickly because of its exceptionally experienced marketing team. The site will assist you with boosting your Instagram account by furnishing you with likes, followers, and views, and that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

The site gives genuine benefits that make sure that you retain their services. This grows your visibility organically. Its top-tier client support, as well as quick deliveries, has created a large base of satisfied customers. So whenever you’re in the market searching for perhaps the best site to buy Instagram views then, you should really give SocialsGrowth a try.

You can always alter the service package that you have chosen for your likes, followers, and views as per your budget by utilizing the slider given on the site. Whenever you have altered the bundle, you should simply tap on ‘Purchase Now’ then give them the necessary details and let Socials Growth take over. When this payment is made, your bundle will be conveyed in a couple of days relying upon your picked plan. SocialGrowth’s pricing starts at $2 for 100 views and goes up to $199.99 for 99,999 views.


Fake Instagram views will do nothing to help your Instagram development, and More Likes loathes them as much as you, if not more. They keep your account absolutely protected through 100% certifiable Instagram views, likes, followers, and all other engagement.

The wonderful thing about More Likes is that you can settle on a recurring service package that will convey your Instagram views for any new content that you post. This is totally different and unique from all other best sites to buy Instagram views.

With the recurring tool, you’ll have the option to get views on up to 4 posts every day, and you can choose the specific amount of views. They provide views on a one-time basis as well. It is entirely up to your requirement, you can go for either option! They additionally have irresistible services for Instagram likes and followers. With speedy conveyance of views and the flexibility to easily alter your plans, MoreLikes is one of the forerunners for the best site to buy Instagram views. MoreLikes pricing starts at $9.99 for 500 views and goes up to $199.99 for 100,000 views.


If you want to buy Instagram views, comments, followers, and comments securely and safely then FriendlyLikes can be a standout amongst other best sites to buy Instagram followers. You can purchase Instagram likes, comments, followers, and views at pretty low costs.

To get yourself a service, all you will require is the video/post’s URL and a payment strategy for your decision. When the installment is made, FriendlyLikes will convey the arranged bundle from a day to seven days depending upon the number of views you’ve bought. The site doesn’t need the password to your Instagram account to create the necessary conveyance and the views can be shared on more than a single post.

FriendlyLikes guarantees genuine and premium quality views alongside quick deliveries – this has created a strong and satisfied customer base for them. Friendlylikes pricing starts at $1.90 for 100 views and goes up to $199.90 for 500,000 views.


Next on our list of best sites to buy Instagram views is LeoBoost, an organization that delivers top-quality services and gives you guaranteed results. If you decide to choose LeoBoost, you will not be disappointed. You can get valid views that will build your engagement levels and make you more visible on Instagram.

You can choose precisely the number of Instagram views you want to purchase from them and the cost will be shown based on that. LeoBoost makes it very simple to purchase Instagram views along with other forms of engagement such as Instagram followers, likes, comments, story views, and IGTV views. LeoBoost also caters to other social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube. LeoBoost’s pricing starts from $4 for 100 views and goes up to $2,250 for 900,000 views.


InstaMama is another site exclusively committed to offering certified marketing assistance on Instagram. The site has something to offer to everyone – no matter what your requirement. Whether you are a newbie Instagrammer or a popular influencer – Instamama can help you improve. You can buy Instagram likes beginning at $2.5 for 100 likes which go up to $245.5 for 50,000 likes while its Instagram followers bundles begin at $5.50 for 100 devotees and go up to $890.50 for 50,000 engagements. InstaMama has an immense customer base of more than 100,000 influencers and brands.

The purchasing interaction is quite simple and doesn’t need your Instagram password. InstaMama claims to have exceptional customer support that is consistently prepared to help its customers and help them all through the purchasing cycle. Aside from promotion services for Instagram, the site also gives Twitter followers at $8.5 for 100 followers.

Regardless of which bundle you pick, InstaMama guarantees speedy and safe delivery of the chosen amount of views with a high degree of consistency to help you arrive at your desired position as quickly as possible. Instamama’s services start at $1.5 for 500 and go up to $240 for 500,000 views.

Viral Race

ViralRace is a site that is well known for providing its clients with excellent Instagram promotion benefits that will help any regular person become an Instagram sensation instantly. Utilizing ViralRace you can purchase likes, followers, and views for your Instagram account and that too at pretty moderate costs.

The site’s service bundles for views start from $0.49 for 100 views and go up to $49.99 for 25,000 views while its service bundles for followers start at $2.99 for 100 followers and go up to $79.99 for 10,000 followers.

Likewise, you can purchase Instagram likes on this site for as low as $1.49 (50 likes) and if you need more, you can always change your plan to a higher one. Its services are genuine and quick with a high degree of consistency to ensure you get likes, followers, and views that help you over the long haul. The purchasing interaction is really basic, safe, and secure and doesn’t need your Instagram account password.


Is it safe to trust the authenticity of the site I’m buying Instagram views from?

There are a few things you need to pay special attention to before purchasing Instagram views from a site. Ensure you’re not required to share your password and guarantee that the supplier offers a secure and trusted payment gateway, doesn’t give fake followers or views, and has very much kept up the FAQs segment that illuminates the packages, pricing, and policies.

How will buying Instagram views help my account?

It is very difficult to penetrate Instagram’s algorithm and make your account have a wider reach. If you buy Instagram views, your chances of reaching the Explore page increase, and hence your account gets more visibility.

Should I be worried about my account’s privacy and security?

Always make sure that the site you are buying Instagram views from is providing you organic views and is free of bots. Fake views may lead to Instagram banning your account, we recommend going with a vetted supplier such as the ones found in this list.

What are the modes of payment accepted?

All popular modes of payment accepted such as Paypal, credit cards, and even bitcoins.

How quickly will my account grow?

Apart from getting a lot of views, this ultimately boils down to the quality of your content and some other factors. The marketing teams behind these websites will draw in with similarly minded individuals to view the content, however, it’s your responsibility to produce excellent quality and engaging content.


We hope to have cleared most of your doubts regarding the idea of purchasing Instagram views. Simply pick any of the above-mentioned websites to buy Instagram views and amp up your Instagram content today! With more Instagram views to back your content, you can get the visibility that it takes to get famous on Instagram. It gives your content greater permeability and also assists you with acquiring your target audience.

This can help you with growing your account organically at an extraordinary pace. Besides, on the off-chance that you are a business with products to sell, more Instagram views can likewise enhance the traffic on your site. There will be higher chances of these visitors turning into your followers, which will ultimately lead to increased sales.

We would suggest that you plan out a course of action for yourself – decide on the number of views you are expecting to gain and also your budget. After this, compare the packages and features of all the sites mentioned above and make a well-informed decision for yourself. Once the views start pouring, your road to Instagram stardom has begun!