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Casey Anthony’s Parents Divided Over Her Innocence

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Sad, prolonged family drama.

Casey Anthony's estranged parents, George and Cindy Anthony, haven't spoken to their 25-year-old daughter since she was acquitted of murder charges in July. (Casey was found not guilty of murder in the 2008 death of her daughter Caylee.)

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But in an interview airing Tuesday with Dr. Phil McGraw, Cindy and George speak out for the first time about the tragic death of their granddaughter and the very public trial that followed. (Casey's defense team claimed that Caylee drowned accidentally and George tried to hide the body. They also claimed George had molested Casey as a child.) 

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In a promotional appearance on ABC's The View Monday, Dr. Phil McGraw said Cindy and George "have a different view [of whether Casey murdered Caylee]." 

"[George] is very critical," the psychologist said. ""[Cindy] seems to make an excuse at every turn."

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"They question themselves every minute of every day," McGraw, 61, said. "What did we fail to see? What could we have done differently? Their position is up until the pregnancy, she was showing reasonably normal behavior and then it began to change."

Watch the full interview with George and Casey Anthony this Tuesday on Dr. Phil. Go to for tune-in times.

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