Channing Tatum Performs Magic Mike Scenes with Jimmy Fallon, as Written by Elementary School Kids

Channing Tatum showed off his amazing acting range during Tuesday, June 23’s Tonight Show when he acted out a series of scenes from his hit stripper movie Magic Mike — but with a twist!

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Rather than being actual scenes from the film, the scripts were written by elementary school kids who had been given the title of the movie but no other information, and encouraged to let their imaginations run wild.

First up was Steven’s creation (Steven is an 8-year-old from Dallas, Texas). Tatum took the role of Magic Mike, while Jimmy Fallon was a little boy called Josh.

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“Oh no, my bike has a flat tire. How am I going to get to hockey practice on time? Oh I know! I know what I’ll do! I’ll call Magic Mike. Magic Mike! Magic Mike!” Fallon acted, gripping the audience with his intensity.

Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum’s Magic Bird is comforted by Jimmy Fallon’s Magic Mike NBC

“Yes I am Magic Mike. I’m like regular Mike except magic!” replied Tatum, bursting into the scene. The pair’s serious acting soon degenerated as they fell about laughing the moment the script called for talk of bike pumps, and pumping. “It’s still pumping,” Tatum said, reduced to hysterics, as he acts out fixing Josh’s bike. “Still pumping,” agrees Fallon, hardly able to talk he’s laughing so much.

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Just managing to get to the end of their first performance, Fallon and Tatum took a bow, before embarking on Asher’s contribution (Asher is a 6-year-old from Pennsylvania).

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Watch the hysterical video above to find out how Tatum fares as an intergalactic alien warrior, and later, as Magic Bird, a little bird who gets angry and needs help calming down with his special song!

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