Craig Ferguson: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me (I’ve Written 800 Nail Salon Yelp Reviews!)

Craig Ferguson
Craig Ferguson  Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Scottish comedian Craig Ferguson, whose series Join or Die premieres on the History Channel on February 18 at 11 p.m., shares 25 interesting facts about himself with Us Weekly.

1. I once swam with sharks.

2. My favorite candle is Mystic Sunrise — the name I used to dance under.

3. A perfect night is staying in and cuddling with my one true love: Larry King.

4. My alarm clock is Regis Philbin saying, “Hello!”

5. I’ve been a vegan for almost three years.

6. My favorite founding father is John Adams.

7. The key to my heart is telling me I don’t sound like Shrek.

8. My robot skeleton sidekick from The Late Late Show sits in my office.

9. I have perfect vision, so I can tell you that your butt looks great in those jeans.

10. A cat found me, and I take care of it now.

11. When I tour, my preferred mode of transportation is a giant snail.

12. I used to play in a punk-rock band in Glasgow.

13. My inner monologue sounds like Michael Caine.

14. I believe in ghosts.

15. I don’t believe in the Loch Ness Monster.

16. I’ve written 800 nail salon Yelp reviews.

17. My least favorite decade is the ‘80s.

18. I have a house in L.A. and a lair in the crotch of the Statue of Liberty.

19. I think I’m a “Rachel,” but I know I’m a “Monica.”

20. I once switched roles with Drew Carey and hosted The Price Is Right.

21. I’ve hidden my belongings in a place you’d never find them: Sean Connery’s chest hair.

22. I like to wonder what happened to Justin Bieber’s monkey.

23. I hosted The Late Late Show for 10 seasons, and I wore underwear for none of them.

24. I have a pilot’s license.

25. If I could invent anything, it’d be a perfume that makes you smell like biscuits.

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