Desiree Hartsock Blogs ‘The Bachelor’: Why I’m ‘Thoroughly Impressed’ With Peter Weber

Former Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock will be blogging exclusively with Us Weekly each week about her opinion on Peter Weber’s journey to find love on The Bachelor. Check back every Tuesday for her recap!

I’m back, and hopefully, you were able to keep up with the drama that occurred during the Monday, January 20, episode better than I did!

Before we get into the crying, the confusing and the kissing, I would like to backtrack to last week’s episode for a second. For the record, I absolutely adore Hannah Brown and as much as I love the idea of Hannah and Peter getting back together as the next person, it’s a very complicated relationship with him being the Bachelor and her not able to fully give her heart into another relationship just yet while also contractually having to show up to face that fact. If it ends up being Hannah and Peter at the end of this, which is a popular theory, I would be thrilled. That said, it’s important to be open to the possibility of Peter finding love with someone you may not have seen and to not watch the season with blinders on. Often times we read spoilers — Yes YOU! I see you searching for spoilers of how this ends — or want to believe the season ends a certain way so that when it doesn’t turn out as we hoped or suspected, we couldn’t possibly understand how it could be real love and in the end, can’t be completely happy for the ending. Hence my season and why I’m reiterating this fact.

Desiree Hartsock Blogs 'The Bachelor': Why I'm 'Thoroughly Impressed' With Peter Weber
Desiree Hartsock and Peter Weber. Broadimage/Shutterstock; ABC/John Fleenor

Now onto last night’s debacle: I’m not even going to give more than a sentence on Hannah Ann and Kelsey still being upset about the Champagne bottle. I’m glad they talked so that hopefully (fingers crossed) we can put those bubbles to rest.

I have to say, I’m thoroughly impressed by Peter. I don’t remember how old he is and am too tired — it’s already past my bedtime at the time I’m writing this — to find out. But, I do feel like his emotion and sincerity are far more refined than most guys at his age. I’m just generalizing now and it makes me feel old but seriously. I think having his heartbroken and going through the process last season helps him have a more clear and concise idea of how to navigate his own feelings. I guess seven more episodes will tell.

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Victoria is stunning and it’s clear why Peter likes her — her heart, duh. She was vulnerable in sharing her story, which I found to be very sincere and she seemed fun during the line dancing. I give her an 8 out of 10 for overall performance. I feel a storm brewing surrounding her and Alayah so I’m reserving the last two points for later. This has become somewhat of a pageant, right? Or has it always been that and we are just now realizing the emphasis on competition with all the pageant queens gracing our screens these past few seasons? Either way, it’s entertaining. Peter is into her and that’s all that matters at the moment.

victoria p the bachelor

Demi Burnett was the highlight of the group date and truthfully, they can just bring her back for the remaining group dates to bring comic relief to the drama. I did love seeing more of Tammy’s fun personality and can already see him being into her for that alone but may want to see some vulnerability moving forward. She will need to work on not getting stuck in the Friend Zone. Like I mentioned before, it never goes well when someone calls out another woman on her one-on-one time as Sydney did about Alayah this episode. It also never goes well for the person bringing the drama to Peter’s attention. It’s a statistical fact throughout Bachelor seasons. (I actually don’t know if that is fact, but sounds about right?) Has there ever been a snitch handed the final rose? Usually, it’s the one being talked about that continues to move on. Just saying.

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I noticed, this episode especially, how Peter can forget the background noise and be fully in the moment. He is completely able to compartmentalize the relationships and even kiss the ladies in front of each other — which may be cool for him and the lady being kissed but honestly, it creates more tension and animosity between the ladies and a whole lot more insecurities to come. As much as you “sign up” to date the Bachelor, you can’t anticipate what it will feel like to have growing feelings for someone who is being affectionate and showing the same feelings toward someone else right in front of you, who may also be a friend of yours in the house. It’s a very strange thing that most of us never have to deal with. You might be finding dates on Tinder and someone you like will still be dating other people, but you’re not subjected to watch them date other people right in front of you.

This is where the process becomes fascinating to watch as a viewer but where personalities can alter, insecurities deepen and the emotional health of ladies can take a beating. Even the most confident women will start to question their own feelings as he makes decisions that don’t seem “right” to the majority of the house. I saw it in Madison’s eyes. She is definitely one of his favorites at the moment and their natural chemistry is apparent. It it wasn’t for the 12 (or however many are left) others, I would say bring in the wedding bells for these two, but I saw a glimmer of sadness or doubt in her eyes as well, which is what happens when you watch someone you’re falling for kissing other girls. That doesn’t mean it completely takes away from the joy and happiness during the time you have with the guy- — it just creates another layer to have to persevere through in those quiet moments.

Desiree Hartsock Blogs 'The Bachelor': Why I'm 'Thoroughly Impressed' With Peter Weber
Alayah and Peter Weber on ‘The Bachelor.’ ABC/John Fleenor

I’m hoping he can trust his intuition and follow his heart but use his head as well. The main challenge and internal struggles for a lead are navigating lust vs love because too often our heart can deceive us due to attraction while true love will bring about no doubts. This is hard to navigate with too many feelings going on at once, but Peter seems to already know this, which is why he is struggling with the decision to send Alayah home. He wants to believe the house but can’t help having an attraction toward her. He wants to be able to make his own decision but also wants to prove to the ladies that he trusts them. We will see which choice wins as Alayah comes back next week.

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Every decision made affects the entire house and the minds and hearts of the ladies who he may have the best connections with. A poor decision made this early on can create doubt and distance in the mind of his top ladies without him even realizing it. Let’s pray he makes the right one.

Until then, here are my top five: Madi, Kelly, Victoria P., Tammy (I want to see her on Paradise!) and Lexi.

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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