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Jaime Primak Sullivan: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Jaime Primak Sullivan shares 25 things about herself with Us Weekly.
Jersey Belle star Jaime Primak Sullivan shares 25 things about herself with Us Weekly.JB Lacroix/WireImage

Not your garden-variety list! Jersey Belle star Jaime Primak Sullivan, 37 — whose Bravo series airs Monday nights at 10 PM — gives Us Weekly a few pieces of her mind.

1. I sucked my thumb until I was 20.
2. I was a bully in high school and it keeps me up at night.
3. I hate pillows and prefer to sleep flat on a mattress.
4. My two food obsessions are dried mango and corn nuts.

5. I met Oprah and couldn’t think of anything to say so she let me collect myself and try again.
6. I hid in the bushes at a golf event to meet Andy Garcia because my mother loves him.
7. Jersey Belle was my concept and I am a creative producer on the show.
8. In my previous life I taught Special Education and coached cheerleading in NJ.
9. My favorite band is Bon Jovi… no shock there.
10. I have a major foot fetish.
11. I only need to hear a song once and will know every word forever.
12. I taught myself how to speak fluent Spanish.
13. I am a true hip hop head.

14. When I met Britney Spears I teased her about getting pregnant again so soon after her 1st son was born, then the same exact thing happened to me.

. I only wash my hair once a week.
16. I have lived in the south for 7 years and am still homesick for NJ every day.
17. My new year’s resolution every year is to curse less.
18. I would shave 5 years off my life for a bigger booty.
19. I still remember every word to my Torah portion from my Bat Mitzvah.
20. I now understand that when a southern woman says “Bless Your Heart”, it’s not a good thing.
21. I believe that women who are having good sex have an obligation to spread their joy with other women.
22. Mariah Carey and I both refer to our children as “Dem Babies”.

23. The first film concept I ever sold was a horror film.
24. Pink was the first celebrity friend I made in Los Angeles.

25. My PR company, Bridge and Tunnel Entertainment, is named after what Manhattanites call people from New Jersey.