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‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’ Finale Recap: Tara Reid Kicked Off the Show Amid Her Fake Boyfriend’s Shocker

All’s well that ends well — but if you’re Tara Reid, it didn’t really end well. On Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars‘ Friday, August 12, finale, the five couples had to decide whether they were going to stay together or go their separate ways. Actually, make that four couples, since Tara and Dean May (accidentally) revealed last week they are not, in fact, a couple. At this point, they hadn’t yet realized their mistake, however, as they were both recovering from their escapades the night before.

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Speaking of escapades, pretty much everyone was hungover in the aftermath of “singles night,” though some were faring better than others. Tara declared, yet again, that Dean was “selfish,” while Adam Friedman admitted he’d completely blacked out. (ICYMI, Adam had tried to bring a girl back to the house, but Dean had stopped him from making that grave error.)

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Before the official ring ceremony began, program directors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, along with Divorce Court’s Lynn Toler, had to address what they’d overheard about Tara and Dean’s fake relationship, so they summoned the “couple” to the judge’s chambers. (Note: Not a real couple, and not real judge’s chambers.)

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Tara and Dean Get Kicked Out of Camp

Faced with the fact that they’d revealed on camera they weren’t really together, Dean mumbled, “We’re best friends. We always have been.” Though she was quiet during the face-to-face confrontation, Tara explained to the cameras why she had come on the show: “He owes money in taxes, and he could use the money, and he wouldn’t mind the fame. So I wound up doing the show for him, so he could get out of trouble.”

Frustrated by Tara’s continual antics and claims, however, Dean snapped. “Not trusting me is the most insane thing ever, like I would ever do anything to hurt you!” he began. “You walk around here making up these conspiracy theories. Guess what, dude? By not trusting me, you lost somebody you care about. I just want to get as far away from you as possible.”

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At that point, Jim told the pair it was time for them to go. “At least it’s over,” Dean said to the camera. “There is no way I’m speaking to her again. It is just incredible.” From Tara’s perspective, she said, “Obviously, this is not the ending I wanted it to be, but it is what is, and now I can freely move on in my life, and so can he.” Tara then marched off to pack, and Dean told the rest of the guys in the house that she was “insane.”

Oh, and Dean Has a Girlfriend (Who’s Not Tara)

In the immediate aftermath of being kicked out of the house (which didn’t seem like a very big deal since everyone was about to leave anyway), Tara freaked out in the parking lot and demanded, “Where is the driver?” as she flailed her luggage about, and darted back and forth. Dean, meanwhile, insisted, “She told me she did the show because I needed the money. That’s the most bulls–t thing in the whole world. I did the show as a favor to her.”

Hearing this, Lisa D’Amato rolled her eyes and said both Tara and Dean had “ulterior motives” for being there. That’s when Dean added that he has a “girlfriend” who he is “in love with.”

Brittish Williams offered her two cents to the camera on this revelation, saying, “Thank God you’re in love with somebody because it’s definitely not Tara.” In other words, no one was all that surprised, and no one really cared — and no one went out to wave goodbye as Dean crawled into the back of an Uber and left.

Pre-Ring Ceremony Revelations for the Real Couples

With “toxic” Tara and Dean removed from the premises, Jim and Elizabeth went through the process of telling certain individuals about their partner’s bad behavior the night before. The reasoning was that each person had a right to know everything before deciding whether to stay together or split up.

Toya seemed very surprised when Elizabeth told her Memphitz had been “dancing with a lot of girls” and “sucking on a girl’s fingers,” but Memphitz basically shrugged it off when Jim confronted him about it. “I can’t be held responsible when I’m having fun,” he reasoned. (Sounds like marriage material to us!)

Jim then told Adam that after what he’d done the night before, Lisa would “be better off finding another guy.” When Elizabeth told Lisa about Adam’s antics, she didn’t have much to say, but clearly she had a lot to consider.

So … Who Stayed Together, and Who Broke Up?

Each couple was now finally ready for the ring ceremony. If they returned their wedding bands to each other, it meant they wanted to stay together. If their ring boxes were empty, it meant they were ready to split up. (If they weren’t already married but wanted to stay together, a “promise ring” would fill in for a wedding band, just FYI.)

Lorenzo Gordon and Brittish were first up to the chopping block — err, the “altar.” (It wasn’t exactly an altar, but the general setting was clearly intended to reflect a wedding atmosphere.) Lorezno told Brittish he loved her, and he was sorry. She told him she wasn’t sure she could move beyond his repeated infidelities. Ultimately, however, they returned their wedding rings to each other and decided to give it another go.

Next came Adam and Lisa. Lisa scolded her husband for what he’d done the night before, adding that it was “very insulting,” but still, she wanted to stay together … and so did he. It was another Boot Camp victory (at least for now).

Memphitz and Toya did not fare so well, however. Toya presented Memphitz with his wedding ring and told him she wanted to stay together, but in order to do that he would need to agree to never ask for a hall pass to sleep with other women again, and allow her to move with him to California. They seemed like reasonable requests, but Memphitz’s ring box for Toya was empty. She immediately ran away and broke down in tears.

Last but not least were Cody and Michelle. They decided to stay together, but to start over. Michelle held out her hand to shake his and introduced herself. Then they broke up again while filming a video message a short while later.

Tell Us: Do you think Marriage Boot Camp helped any of the couples?

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars season 6 premieres on WE tv in October. Click here for our exclusive reveal of the new batch of couples — including a popular Bachelor Nation pair!

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