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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Emily Gets Close to Ali in the Hospital, Several Couples Split Up

Troian Bellisario, Lucy Hale, Ian Harding and Shay Mitchell (from left).

Well, that was dramAtic. Just when you thought Hanna’s kidnapping was the most terrifying scene Pretty Little Liars could manage, it seems her rescue simply cleared a path that season 7’s second episode on Tuesday, June 28, filled with breakups, makeups, and, oh, that whole Dr. Rollins-poisoning-Ali-to-steal-her money thing. Minor details.

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On the Road Again

After Mary Drake (Andrea Parker) conveniently picked up Hanna (Ashley Benson) outside of the woods in the last minute of last week's season 7 premiere, episode 2 began with the two of them in the car having a heart-to-heart, as you do with your best friend's dead mother's identical twin sister that you never knew existed.

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All Hail Haleb

Ever since we flashed forward five years, the Liars like to hit us with subtle reminders that they can legally drink now, which makes everything more interesting. This episode's moment came as Hanna began to realize that Mary Drake could be the one who has been haunting the crew — and possibly who kept her captive. As she explained her theory, she asked Spencer (Troian Bellisario) to make her something "stronger than coffee." While Spencer poured the glass, she noticed Hanna and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) having a sexual tension-filled conversation on the couch. It's good that Spencer had that bottle in hand, because looking at your current hookup with the ex he's still in love with while drinking is usually (read: never, ever) a good idea.

Just when we thought we were finally going to let this ship set sail, Caleb took Spencer home and attempted to lure her into bed by telling her that they "should probably get some sleep." Because Spencer is most definitely smart enough to take the hint on that one, it's safe to assume that she was just not having it when she responded by saying she had to finish paperwork for her mom. Nothing like getting shut down by paperwork for a character who has yet to appear on the show this season.

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Close the Chapter

Aria (Lucy Hale) finally decided to pull the plug on her relationship with Liam (Roberto Aguire). Of course, right as she thought their super awkward conversation had come to a close, he said the words every ex could hope for: I'm back on the book. That's right, Aria's ex boyfriend is now going to be working on the novel she's writing with Ezra (Ian Harding) about their epic romance. Three's company, right?

Out of the Ring

After Hanna had a flashback to the night she met Jordan (David Coussins), she attempted to rekindle their romance. When she implied that Rosewood is to blame for her recent emotional distance, Jordan asked her, "Why do you keep going back there?" Hanna paused long enough to tell us all the answer that everyone except Jordan already knows: Caleb!

But of course, she changed the subject and said she wants to go back to the bar where they first met. They ventured to New York City to recreate their first date, only to find the bar was gone, which caused Hanna to melt down. When a confused Jordan asked her what she wanted, she paused again (because, Caleb!) and ended her engagement. G'day, mate.

Novel Idea

Fresh off her breakup, Aria and Ezra met for coffee to discuss their friends, recent drama, oh, and how to make publishing their love story with her ex-of-five minutes work. Later, Liam and Ezra met to go over the book, and Liam mentioned "the predatory nature" of Ezra's character. It's like he's trying to tell us something …

A frustrated Aria confronted Liam over the meeting and proudly declared, "I'm me because of what has happened, what I've done and because of who I Iove." Ezria shippers, things are looking good, but it's unlikely that this is the last of Liam.

Mary Makes Moves

Mary Drake stopped by Spencer's unannounced, saying she felt guilty for not taking Hanna to the police on the night of her rescue. When Spencer pressed her for more, Mary revealed that she spent time in Radley because when they were 14, her twin sister Jessica was babysitting and set her up to look like she killed a child.

As a reminder that the Liars have lives beyond escaping kidnappers, Emily (Shay Mitchell) sat in a bar filling out a job application and saw Mary Drake across the room. In yet another heartfelt conversation with the woman no one trusts, Emily told Mary that Elliott is only allowing family to visit Ali (Sasha Pieterse). Mary offered to take Emily to the hospital, and they were allowed in by the staff because she is technically Ali's aunt. When Ali opened her eyes and saw Mary, she once again thought she was seeing her mother's ghost. "Why did you leave me in the ground?" she yelled. "You were wrong about Elliott — it's not like what you said at all." Right on cue, Elliott opened the door and kicked them out before Emily could get any further explanation.

So Long, Spaleb

After a long night, Spencer found out that she had been fired. Luckily, Caleb and what he calls special-occasion alcohol were there to comfort her. Approximately two sips in, she asked him how Hanna is. Special occasion, indeed. His vague answer about Hanna going to New York with Jordan wasn't quite what Spencer was looking for, so she point blank asked him if the two of them made a mistake in hooking up. "Whatever we did, it wasn't a mistake," Caleb responded. “It was real." Spencer, without missing a beat, asked, "So why are you talking about it in the past tense?" We're not sure if a breakup mic-drop is a thing, but it definitely just happened. 

Before Caleb could answer, the Liars group chat started to blow up as they all began to piece together what had been happening. We hope they figure it out soon because the last minute of the episode showed a terrified Ali getting taken away on a stretcher into the light. 

Tell Us: Which breakup was the most surprising? 

Pretty Little Liars airs on Freeform Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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