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Pretty Little Liars Recap: Girls Discover Charles May Still Be Alive

Pretty Little Liars
The Pretty Little Liars learned on the latest episode that Charles may still be alive.

Weeks have passed, and the Pretty Little Liars are obviously still trying to fully acclimate to life among the living (as well as life after Charles DiLaurentis’ House of Horrors). Nobody said it would be an easy road though, and this week’s episode, “No Stone Unturned,” was the perfect example as to why: Ladies, you can’t just keep assuming everyone is A. Especially when you’re never right, and innocent people’s lives are also on the line. 

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Sadly, that thought has rarely crossed the Liars’ minds in all these years, and that’s why this week’s episode had them committing grand theft auto and breaking and entering. We get that they’re still all still “trapped in a nightmare,” but jumping to conclusions? As this episode proved, that’s only ever going to cause Mona to set them straight — again.

Is Lesli A?

If Lesli Stone were A, she would have to have been the sloppiest A ever. Not only was Hanna able to steal (though she preferred to call it “borrowed”) Lesli’s car, but she and Spencer rifled through it, finding her non-prescription glasses and four animal cages that could fit four Liars-shaped girls. Don’t forget, Clark managed to snap a picture of a clearly female A at the junkyard before all this. The Liars were very much of the belief that Lesli was working with Mona — of all people, at this point! — to get revenge for them supposedly killing Bethany.

The problem? None of them thought about the very real fact that if A had gotten caught on camera, it was because A wanted to get caught on camera. This was the same person who planted chips in the back of their necks (a new fun fact) in order to keep tabs on them! Thankfully, Mona was able to explain that all to Spencer, Aria, and Hanna, despite the need to believe they’d finally figured out who A and “Charles” were (again).

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In fact, Lesli hated Bethany. But Lesli did hear of Charles once, and he ran away from Radley the same night Bethany did. What about his death and his organs being donated? Mona pointed out something Spencer probably should have noticed: With the drugs Charles had to take as a patient, he could never be a viable organ donor, as they were led to believe he was. So yes, Charles DiLaurentis is still in play, and the girls really aren’t any closer to catching him.

Pretty Little Extracurriculars

Actually, could you really blame the Liars for not catching on to all of the clues or lack thereof in this case? Spencer was still riding high and debating whether or not to give the school valedictorian speech (since it was just a reason for her to talk about her horrific experiences). Aria was trying to avoid having to explain things to Clark (who keeps showing up at just the most suspicious times) and Ezra, even though things with the latter looked like they might pick up. Hanna was doing all she could to avoid Caleb and Ashley, afraid that they were only going to treat her with kid gloves.

And Emily? She had a whole mess of things on her mind, all beginning and ending with Sara Harvey.

Is Sara Really What She Seems?

Obviously, Sara has some problems that aren’t going to be fixed overnight — even worse than the Liars’ problems, one might assume — but this week’s episode might just have drove home the fact that she’s not exactly as innocent as Emily and company might believe her to be. What if Sara developed Stockholm syndrome in all her time with Charles? You see? This is why the citizens of Rosewood need to invest in better psychiatric help — for the children.

But this week, some moments were just too coincidental. As we know, Emily and Sara have been getting closer, and Emily feels extremely protective of the girl she just met. But when Nicole, a Habitat for Humanity friend of Emily’s, shows up asking her to come to Thailand in two weeks, there were just too many coincidences.

Like the fact that as soon as Nicole asked and Emily said she wanted to bring Sara with, Sara suddenly got attacked by Lesli’s car, and the moment Emily informed her of the Thailand trip, she had an excuse for every reason she couldn’t go. Then, after Emily decided she couldn’t go on the Thailand trip and Nicole asked if Sara even felt the same romantic way as Emily did, Sara all of a sudden kissed Emily, showing those feelings that she had not yet shown. Amazing timing or proof of something more nefarious?

Happy Birthday, Charles

While the Liars were handling all the craziness of their wild-goose chase of Lesli — who ended up being guilty of nothing more than not really being sane — it was Mr. DiLaurentis who found himself the victim of Charles DiLaurentis’ wicked games.

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It’s kind of funny how the Liars spent all that time chasing a dead end when the real threat was coming for Alison’s father, now isn’t it? Mr. DiLaurentis wasn’t around much, but when he was, he was freaking out about a birthday card — from Charles. It looks like the not-totally-dead DiLaurentis is coming for his birthday, and even though the episode ended with Mr. DiLaurentis digging up his son’s grave — just to check — we all know how this one’s going to end. And it’s going to do so in three more episodes!

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