Quantico Killed Off This Major Character in Midseason Finale: Episode Details

The cast of Quantico
The cast of Quantico. ABC/Bob D'Amico/Getty Images

First to go. The showrunners behind Quantico killed off a major character on the winter season finale on Sunday, December 13.

During the shocking episode, Elias Harper (Rick Cosnett) was killed off just as it was revealed that he had a role in framing Alex (series star Priyanka Chopra) for the planted bomb at NYC’s Grand Central Terminal that was set off during the series’ premiere.

Though Elias acknowledged that he was responsible for kidnapping and framing Alex, the FBI recruit claimed that he was forced into the scheme and had no idea that the bomb would actually be set off. After confessing to his part in the attacks, Elias threw himself out of a skyscraper window, ending his life and leaving viewers with many questions.

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Then, after Elias’ death, another bomb goes off in the bank that serves as the FBI’s makeshift headquarters, making it the second terrorist-enacted explosion in NYC on the show.

Yasmine Al Massri, Anabelle Acosta, and Rick Cosnett
Yasmine Al Massri, Anabelle Acosta and Rick Cosnett in “Quantico.” ABC/Phillipe Bosse

The Wrap spoke to Quantico‘s executive producer Joshua Safran about the twist and about which questions need to be resolved when the series returns in March 2016.

“We will obviously be dealing with whether or not Elias was telling the truth when he told Alex, Nimah, Vasquez, and Simon about what was going on,” Safran told the site. “The question is whether or not Elias was buying time until everybody got into the bank, or whether or not he really was a puppet or pawn for a mastermind waiting to be revealed. And of course you’ll learn about who lived and who died, and how that affects our characters. More than anything, I think, Alex has to wrestle with the fact — and so does Simon — that while they believe the bomb in the basement of the hotel had been diffused, she’s the one who told Simon that he could take his hands off that trigger, and they’re both going to be dealing with that emotionally.”

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For those grappling with questions about Elias’ innocence, Safran told TVLine that it was clear he was still the enemy. 

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra in “Quantico.” ABC/Phillipe Bosse

“Well, I mean, Elias definitely is a terrorist, but whether he is a pawn of a larger mastermind or whether he acted alone is going to form sort of an arc of episodes moving forward,” the showrunner explained. “But he still did enact at least part of a plan — if not the plan that ended up killing many, many people. So you have definitely learned the identity of a terrorist. The question of whether he’s the only one remains to be seen, and it comes down to whether you believe what Elias was saying in the hotel room was the truth, or if you believe it was purely him biding time to get everybody in place in the emergency command center.”

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