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Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion: Phaedra Parks Is Still Married to Apollo Nida “For the Children”

RHOA Reunion: Phaedra Parks is Still Married to Apollo Nida
The Real Housewives of Atlanta

They’re no angels! Though The Real Housewives of Atlanta don all-white attire during part one of the April 26 finale, they can’t help but dish less-than-innocent zingers out to each other. NeNe Leakes “admits” to her season-long wrong-doings, Kandi Burruss stands up to her biggest “hater,” Phaedra Parks continues her whore-pocrisy and Claudia Jordan playfully challenges a frenemy to take legal action against her. Here are the four shadiest statements from the night!

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“You’re Right, And I’m Wrong”

NeNe is over it. The OG Housewife was missing for most of the season as she prepared for her role in Broadway’s Cinderella — but she still manages to ruffle the feathers of her fellow Housewives. It’s obvious that she’d rather be on the Great White Way instead of with her fellow Housewives and “friends”…so she comes up with a lazy, half-hearted response to every jab thrown at her.

“Every time I’m around, I’m the problem,” she sarcastically gripes to host Andy Cohen.

Nene Leaks

She kind of has a point. NeNe’s feuded with Cynthia Bailey, Kenya Moore, Kandi, and Claudia at various points during the season. NeNe, who’s usually fired up and fueled with infamous jabs, doesn’t feel like fighting anymore.

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“For the rest of the day, you guys are right and I’m wrong,” NeNe says — and uses that sentiment to counter every claim thrown at her. Well…admitting is the first step?

“We See Each Other”

Kandi is a Housewife who isn’t afraid to call NeNe out. This season, she’s questioned NeNe’s intentions towards Phaedra — the two bonded after NeNe became Phaedra’s “rock” during Phaedra’s split from husband Apollo Nida. Kandi even called the girls a–kissers after they sent NeNe a video from their failed group counseling session (NeNe planned it and ended up walking out!). NeNe took note — and finally confronts Kandi.

nene lakes and Kandi

“This girl is such a hater of mine. She has so much s–t to say about me. See you at the reunion, boo boo!” NeNe tweeted March 22.

When Andy asks who the tweet referred to, NeNe admits that it was aimed at Kandi, who’s been “negative” this whole season. She asks Kandi why she hates her so much. Kandi says that she doesn’t hate NeNe herself, but does hate her “superior complex.”

She’s also still still hurt by her seemingly broken friendship with Phaedra — and how Phaedra and NeNe banded together.

“When you and Cynthia stopped being friends, it was like all of a sudden it was okay to be friends with me and Phaedra,” Kandi tells NeNe. “I [was] taking it in baby steps.”

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Kandi implies that NeNe is a bad friend, and accuses her of showing private texts from the Housewives that she’s close with to the rest of the group.

“You have shown us signs that you will blast a person with information that you know about if y’all are no longer friends,” Kandi says.

NeNe challenges Kandi to tell the world that she doesn’t like her. Kandi insists that there’s no love — or like — lost, and that she actually enjoys NeNe’s company when she’s willing to be lighthearted and fun.

“I see you. We’re good,” NeNe says dismissively.

“We see each other,” Kandi counters.

Phaedra and kenya

“There’s Plenty Whores in the Bible. You’re in Good Company!”

So much for fixing things in the Philippines! Phaedra and Kenya are back at each others’ throats even though they appeared to be on good terms at the end of their group trip.

Kenya takes a jab at Porsha Williams for not following in the footsteps of her grandfather, Civil Rights leader Hosea Williams. Phaedra comes to her friend’s defense and points out that Kenya doesn’t use her platform to portray an “ideal Black woman,” either.

Kenya then questions Phaedra’s Christianity, and points out that Phaedra has yet to forgive Kenya for Apollogate.

“You love to talk about Christianity,” Phaedra snaps. “Read the Bible in its entirety. There’s plenty whores in the Bible. You’re in good company, baby!”

Phaedra should know. She’s been leaning on her faith as she deals with husband Apollo Nida completing his eight-year prison sentence — and her new life as a single mother to two young boys. She tells Andy that she still hasn’t taken the boys to visit their father in jail. And despite the headlines and gossip amongst the Housewives, Phaedra reveals that she’s still married and has not filed for divorce from Apollo…for the sake of the children.

“I make plenty of money,” Phaedra says, fighting through tears. “I don’t need this…what I do need is time to make the appropriate decision for my family.”

“File a Lawsuit Against Me, If You ‘Bout That Life.”

Though Claudia and Porsha paired up to plan the group’s trip to the Philippines, they still haven’t resolved their longstanding issues in Atlanta. The two girls (and Rickey Smiley Morning Show/DishNation coworkers) have clashed since the very beginning.

Claudia Jordan bikini

Porsha didn’t appreciate Claudia’s efforts to fix her relationship with Kenya — or the fact that Claudia was so concerned about her personal life. Remember Puerto Rico, when Claudia accused Porsha of sleeping with a married man in exchange for expensive gifts?

“[That] goes against my morals,” Porsha says. “I was married…I didn’t know I was being cheated on until afterwards.”

Claudia maintains that Porsha is the wrongdoer in the situation, and even tells Andy that Porsha admitted to an affair after a few drinks in the Philippines.

Porsha warns Claudia that her accusations are bordering on slanderous territory.

“So file a lawsuit against me, if you ‘bout that life,” Claudia challenges.

See part two of the reunion next Sunday at 8 p.m. on Bravo!

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