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Real Housewives of New York City Season 7 Finale Recap: Ramona’s New Beginnings Party Ignites Old Feuds

Real Housewives of New York cast
Old tempers flare at Ramona's New Beginnings party.

It’s finale time! The last regular episode of The Real Housewives of New York City Season 7 kicked off with Ramona Singer stopping by Sonja Morgan‘s townhouse to congratulate her on the success of her fashion show — and also to vent about Bethenny Frankel confronting her while they sat together in the front row.

Heather [Thomson] created a fight between Bethenny and I,” Ramona reasoned to Sonja (since Heather had apparently told Bethenny what Ramona had said). “Why is everyone always attacking me? I can’t get a break! These women, they think I have to be holier than thou!”

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Though Sonja agreed with Ramona (for the most part) that Bethenny shouldn’t have confronted her during the show, she did take a cue from Bethenny and ask Ramona just what her intention was with her upcoming “New Beginnings” party.

“I actually just came from church for Ash Wednesday!” Ramona said as evidence that she had really changed, though it’s probably worth noting that she didn’t have any ashes on her forehead. BFF Sonja shrugged it off, but did admit that Ramona has had “a lot” of those “new me”-themed parties.

Bethenny Shows Off Her New Digs

Bethenny seemed a lot less concerned about her argument with Ramona as she showed off her newly renovated apartment to Carole Radziwill (who brought along some sage to burn as a housewarming gift).

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As they slugged Skinnygirl drinks, Bethenny complimented Carole on how great she looked, prompting Carole to quip, “Must be who I’m hanging out with” (in reference to her twentysomething boyfriend, Adam).

“People say that when you have kids, they make you younger,” Bethenny replied, prompting Radzi to clarify she didn’t have a kid

Bethenny smiled as she went for the punch line saying, “Well I guess when you sleep with kids.” Bethenny was laughing, but Carole sort of wasn’t, which is when she revealed that she’d heard that LuAnn de Lesseps (apparently irked that her friend was still hooking up with her niece’s ex-boyfriend) had been talking badly about her.

John Tries to Take His Relationship With Dorinda to the Next Level

Meanwhile, Dorinda Medley‘s boyfriend, John, tried to get more serious with the uptown blonde. “This is going to be our three-year anniversary,” he began, prompting her to jump in and ask, “There’s no ring in your pocket is there?” It turned out, there was. (Oops!) And when he asked if he could give it to her, she shook her head no and sort of started crying. (Double oops!)

“If you do have a ring in your pocket, don’t bring it out at a pizza place!” Doridna explained to the camera. “I don’t even know if I want to get engaged, but not at a pizza place!”

Regrouping, John told Dorinda she was the love of his life and asked her to move in together. Naturally, Dorinda’s daughter, Hannah (who does not seem to be a huge fan of John) came up. John said he wanted to build a better relationship with her, and Dorinda conceded, but said she was “going to push it.”

Though it didn’t seem like Dorinda was remotely interested in marrying him or even living with him and was only lukewarm on his suggestion he worked on his relationship with her daughter, for some reason, John still seemed pleased with how the conversation went and they ended up having a sweet kiss—even though they were still in the pizza place.

Ramona Begins Her New Beginnings Party With a Fight With Bethenny

Bethenny had barely entered the party when Ramona tried to apologize, in her own Ramona way.

RHONY ramona
Ramona and Bethenny just don’t see eye-to-eye.

“Not that anything I did was right because I was wrong,” Ramona said, prompting Bethenny to try to get her to state, specifically, what she was apologizing for. That didn’t go so well, though, and ultimately Bethenny ended up comparing Ramona to a 4-year-old. Ramona responded by admitting she can be “like a 6-year-old sometimes.” Hey, at least they were starting to find common ground.

Ramona reminded Bethenny that it’s “nice” to forgive people. “You reap what you sew, sweetheart,” Bethenny blasted back.

The battle of words continued throughout the entire event, until, finally, Ramona conceded that “it was wrong” of her to have opened her mouth. “I never should have said that. It’s a problem I have.” At that point the two hugged and made up.

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Which is when departing cast member Heather Thomson felt like inserting herself into the conversation.

“I’m not going to say a word because it doesn’t f—ing matter,” she said before launching into a tirade aimed at her on-again-off-again-rival, Bethenny. “At the end of the day, not everybody’s bad, and people do want to love you. You choose to be a bitch. You can choose something else,” she said with a smile and laugh. “I mean that in a good way! I didn’t mean that in a bad way!” Bethenny blew it off with no more than an eye-roll.

LuAnn and Carole Face Off Over Adam

“You know, seeing Adam, it makes me ill,” LuAnn explained to the camera. (For the record, Adam was at the party too.)

Meanwhile Carole chatted with Heather and Kristen Taekman about the fact that LuAnn had never reached out to her after she’d returned from fetching her dead husband’s ashes in London.

Finally, Carole and LuAnn confronted each other about that man LuAnn may or may not have let sleep in Heather’s bedroom (or near Heather’s bedroom) while they were in Turks and Caicos. Though they didn’t mince words, neither one of them was ready to back down.

“When Carole’s really guilty, she gets angry about it and she tries to come up with things that you’ve done to her to make you look bad. That’s how you know you have a liar on your hands,” LuAnn reasoned to the camera. To Carole, she argued that it wasn’t fair to put her in a position where her son would see that she had let a man sleep over.

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“I’m confused. I have more responsibility to protect Noel and what he knows about his mother, than his mother does?” Carole said to the camera. “I’ve got a good idea; then don’t bang random dudes on vacation! It’s not that complicated.”

LuAnn then took a jab at Carole over the fact that Adam is about 20-years-old.

“He’s not 20 and I resent that,” Carole said, adding that plenty of the women in their circle dated younger men.

“But not to introduce to the children,” LuAnn clarified.

“I’m not introducing him to my children,” Carole replied.

“I know, because you have none,” LuAnn said, which pretty much ended the conversation.

RHONY bethenny and luann
Bethenny Frankel and LuAnn de Lesseps at Ramona’s New Beginnings party.

Toaster-Gate Burns Strong

But LuAnn and Carole weren’t the only ones duking it out during the fete. Sonja was none too pleased with an article she’d read (actually, she later revealed that she may not have technically read it, but she’d heard about it) after her fashion show in which Kristen said she wished Sonja “would come out with that darn toaster” because she used hers three times a day.

When Kristen got word that Sonja was angry and tried to talk to her, however, the aspiring fashion lifestyle maven didn’t want anything to do with her.

“I don’t want to talk to you ever again about my career, my future, and caring about me,” Sonja said. “I don’t want to be friends with you anymore!”

Kristen defended herself, arguing the reporter had asked her, directly, about the toaster, but Sonja wasn’t buying it. (For what it’s worth, in the clip of the interview, the reporter did ask Kristen about the toaster and her response didn’t seem mean-spirited.)

When Sonja asked Kristen if she was “really that f—ing brain-dead,” Kristen blasted back, “Who’s braindead here?! You’re the one who came out with a toaster oven to begin with!”

RHONY bethenny, dorinda, heather, and kristen
Bethenny, Dorinda, Heather, and Kristen catch up Ramona’s soiree.

And just like that, the season wrapped. As Ramona toasted all of her “girls,” it seemed that she and Bethenny had made peace, but many other friendships were still on the rocks—which seems to be right where these ladies like them.

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