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Teen Mom OG’s Cory Wharton Breaks Down Relationship With Cheyenne, His Future on ‘The Challenge’ and More

Telling his side of the story. Cory Wharton made his Teen Mom OG debut on the Monday, October 1, premiere, as did his daughter, Ryder, and her mother, Cheyenne Floyd. However, in case you have any questions, Cory joined this week’s “Watch With Us” podcast to clear the air.

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Listen to the full episode above and get the highlights below:

On the extent of his relationship with Cheyenne:
She came home after getting third place on Rivals III. I’m like, “I’m glad that you’re home. I’d love to see you.” So, we went out to dinner one time, and we just talked about things. She kind of let me know, like, “I kind of want to do my own thing. I think we jumped the gun.” And I was like, “I’m the same.” We both kind of went our own ways, and sure enough we’re in New York together, and that’s when all that happened. Yeah, that’s as far as it goes.

Cheyenne Floyd, Cory Wharton and Ryder
Courtesy of Cory Wharton/Twitter

On how he found out she was pregnant:
For Invasion, once you get the 100 percent call, everyone calls each other, “Are you going?” … She’s like, “I’m pregnant.” And I’m like, “Oh, s—t. Is it mine?” She said, “Well, you remember New York? We did things that I’m capable of getting pregnant for. So, there is a percentage that it could be yours. But I’m active, I have another boyfriend, and we’re together.” They were actively hooking up on the regular, so we never thought that, that one time in New York would surpass the times that she’s active with her other boyfriend … We were about 90% sure it was his. Got tested, and it comes back zero. So, everyone got thrown through the loop. And that’s where the phone call to me takes place.

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On joining Teen Mom OG:
When she said, “We’re gonna meet with [MTV],” I’m like, “Congratulations to you and Ryder. I’m really proud of you guys. I’m so happy in this next step in your life.” Like, I never watched Teen Mom. I didn’t know how involved the dads were, or anything. I just thought this was Cheyenne’s gig. I wasn’t talking to production about it. This was all run through her, right? She was, like, “No, fool. You’re coming to the meeting with me.”

On Zach and Cheyenne’s relationship and if he’s jealous:
It’s never a jealousy thing at all with Cheyenne. It’s all about Ryder. You know, if I had crazy love for Cheyenne, I’m sure I could confess my love, and be like, “I want to be with you, and make this work.” I’m sure she would think about it, and we would make a decision from there. But no it was never any type of jealousy towards Cheyenne. I just wanted to make sure she was happy. And I wanted to make sure that the person around my kid was somebody that was going to be a positive influence in her life, and not just somebody there in the moment … I’m single!

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On finding out Bristol Palin was joining:
I’m naïve. I had no clue who she was. I recognized the last name, but I never thought it was Sarah Palin‘s daughter. It’s been some years since I heard about Sarah Palin.

Teen Mom OG airs on MTV Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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