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Every Rumor Brought Up on ‘The Valley’ About Michelle Lally and Jesse Lally: From Racism to Infidelity

Every Rumor Brought Up on The Valley About Michelle Lally and Jesse Lally
Casey Durkin/Bravo

Bravo viewers expected the Vanderpump Rules alums to be the focus of The Valley, so imagine their surprise when Michelle Lally and Jesse Lally became the main topic of conversation.

The spinoff series, which debuted in March 2024, is centered on a group of friends as they leave their wild younger years behind in exchange for parenthood and adult life in California’s San Fernando Valley.

Former Vanderpump Rules stars Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright and Kristen Doute were the faces of the show — until the first season started to air. Fans quickly became more invested in Michelle and Jesse’s deteriorating marriage and all the rumors being spread behind their backs.

Before joining The Valley, Jesse and Michelle got engaged in 2017 after several years of dating. They tied the knot one year later and expanded their family with daughter Isabella’s arrival in 2020. Us Weekly confirmed in March — shortly before The Valley‘s series premiere — that Jesse and Michelle separated after nearly six years of marriage.

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“There’s a major story line about our life where I try to work on myself throughout the entire summer to be the best version of myself,” Jesse exclusively told Us in March about his approach to the season. “And if the best version of myself aligned with the best version of herself, then our marriage would make it. People evolve. If your marriage and relationship doesn’t evolve with it, it will never work no matter how bad you want it.”

Michelle, meanwhile, noted that there were many changes since they filmed the series.

“People said, ‘When you watch the show, you’re going to realize how you guys actually are,’ because when you’re in it, you don’t actually know,” she said in a separate interview with Us at the time. “Taking a step back and looking at myself, I’m like, ‘Oh wow. It’s obvious we have some marital issues.’”

She continued: “I want fans to know how real we were. We’re very authentic. We didn’t fake anything and we said if we’re going to do reality TV, we’re really going to open up our lives — the positive and the negative.”

Keep scrolling for a guide to all the rumors brought up about Jesse and Michelle on The Valley:

The Valley airs on Bravo Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET and will be available to stream on Peacock the next day.

Accusations of Racism

Every Rumor Brought Up on The Valley About Michelle Lally and Jesse Lally

During an April 2024 episode, Kristen claimed that Janet Caperna told Jasmine Goode that Michelle was “racist and a Republican.”

“Janet was trying to start a bunch of s—t by insinuating that Michelle could be homophobic or racist. And then last night, Zach [Wickham] fully denied it. Zach was upset about things that he told me in confidence but he knows better,” she noted. “I know that deep down, Zach wanted me to light a fire. But I feel awful for bringing Michelle into any bulls—t that Janet started.”

Janet, however, accused Kristen of misrepresenting a statement that she made, saying, “I said something small and Kristen made it so big. She didn’t just run with it, she ran a marathon with me. Michelle, Brittany and I were at dinner a few months ago and Michelle said something along the lines of, ‘Don’t Say Gay laws protect children.’ And I am like, ‘No, you are wrong.'”

According to Janet, she later asked Jasmine to talk to Michelle if the topic came up again.

“I said to Jasmine, who I guess said to Zach, ‘We were talking about this bill and she might support it. But since it is related to the LGBTQ community, if you hear her talking about it and sense the same thing, then it might be a teachable moment,'” she continued.

Michelle told Jesse on screen how unhappy she was by Kristen’s comments. “I’m still shocked to be honest with you. Like completely shocked,” she said at the time. “I’m really upset because Janet wouldn’t say that or else she wouldn’t be my friend. I’m the one who is first generation Mexican and Persian. I’m just so shocked and confused by the whole thing.”

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The Mystery Director

Every Rumor Brought Up on The Valley About Michelle Lally and Jesse Lally

After Jesse admitted he was having issues in his marriage, Jax and Luke Broderick both hinted at Michelle being unfaithful. Luke claimed he knew something that could end Jesse and Michelle’s marriage without providing more details.

Jax, meanwhile, brought up Michelle’s close bond with an unnamed director.

“Michelle always claims she doesn’t know who famous people are. But she was going on with that director, she was going out with him for a couple days straight,” Jax told the cameras in an April 2024 episode. “She goes to the Château [Marmont] every day from her house and she happened to meet him at the pool and they get along.”

He continued: “It turned out to be another day. And then another day, Like, you don’t think this is peculiar? I know she’s a real estate agent so this is a potential customer. Jesse doesn’t seem too bothered by it. I don’t know whether I believe it or not.”

Michelle, for her part, slammed the insinuation that she was unfaithful with the director, writing via Instagram Story that same month, “Absolutely not. Part of my job as a real estate agent is to network and build relationships. It had absolutely nothing to do with dating anyone.”

A Secret Boyfriend

Every Rumor Brought Up on The Valley About Michelle Lally and Jesse Lally
Casey Durkin/Bravo

Kristen continued to involve herself in Michelle’s personal life, which resulted in a messy argument with Jesse. Kristen subsequently told producers that the reason she previously tried to protect Michelle was because she allegedly had a secret boyfriend.

“Because she had a f—king boyfriend for a year. There we all said it. Now she’s protecting him and not me,” Kristen claimed on screen in April 2024. “About a year ago, Michelle and Jesse were very unhappy. Michelle had a guy. She was seeing him, they were hanging out. I was not against any of this because I think Jesse is a piece of s—t.”

Michelle has yet to address the rumors. She has, however, revealed that she is dating someone new after her and Jesse called it quits.

“Someone amazing. I like our little privacy for the moment,” Michelle wrote via Instagram Q&A, before explaining where she and Jesse stand now. “My only goal is to be friends one day.”

Bravo viewers assumed Michelle was referring to financial advisor Aaron Nosler, who posted several cozy photos with her since her separation.

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Being Unfaithful

Every Rumor Brought Up on The Valley About Michelle Lally and Jesse Lally

Despite not knowing the rumors being spread around about Kristen, Jesse admitted to having questions about his wife.

“She used to yell at me when we first started dating. If I put my cell phone down and then all of a sudden she starts putting her cell phone face down,” he told cameras in an April 2024 episode. “For years, she wouldn’t go out and have a margarita without doing boomerang. Then all of a sudden, no more posting. Her thing was, ‘Well sometimes I want to take a break from social media.’ Bulls—t. She never took a break from social media, ever.”

Michelle waved off Jesse’s concerns about her hiding something from him, saying, “That shouldn’t be in your head, and you shouldn’t think like that. You shouldn’t have to worry. We have never had that type of relationship where we have to worry about each other. And I’ve been honest with you.”

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