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TLC: Jon Gosselin’s Ex-Girlfriend Won’t Be Joining the Show

Jon & Kate Plus 8 won't be getting a new addition.

A TLC spokesperson is shooting down a New York Daily News report that Jon's former fling, 23-year-old school teacher, will be featured on the show. "Deanna's role isn't expected to be big, but because she's part of Jon's life, she'll be filmed," an insider told the paper.

But a network rep tells Entertainment Tonight, "There are no plans to use her."

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In an interview with The New York Times, TLC president Eileen O'Neill addressed the network's decision to stop airing the show until Aug. 3 in light of the couple's split.

"It's hard to walk away from a big number," O'Neill said, referring to Monday's record 10.6 million viewers. "But it really made sense so that everyone could adjust to the new circumstances."

"Once we understood that they were going to make an announcement [regarding their split], we discussed various scenarios with them," she said. "We really collaborated on what would make sense for the family."

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Asked whether there was a chance the show could be postponed further, she said she was "very confident" in the August return date.

Could the show be canceled? "That's not in anyone's mind," O'Neill said, adding that she did not have a "hard date" for when the Gosselins plan to resume filming.

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Asked how the show will change, she said, "We anticipate that the focus will remain on the parent-child relationship."

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But "dual couch conversations" — featuring Jon and Kate answering questions from a producer — "are not anticipated," she said.

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