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Tom Everett Scott Gushes Over ‘Sister of the Groom’ Costar Alicia Silverstone: She’s a ‘Great Dance Partner’ (Exclusive)

Husband of the sister-in-law! When Alicia Silverstone signed on for the comedy Sister of the Groom, she knew who to call to play her husband — Tom Everett Scott.

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“We had the benefit of having already done a feature film together as a married couple,” Scott, 50, exclusively told Us Weekly, referencing 2017’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul. “It’s just a pleasure to work with Alicia. I had so much fun the first time we did it, and I’m so fortunate to get to do it again. She called me and said, ‘Hey, will you please be my hubby again?’ And I said, ‘Absolutely. What are we talking about here?’ And she sent me the script and I said, ‘This is fantastic.’”

He added: “Alicia is just a great person to work off of because she’s funny. She’s got just such great ability as an actor. And I got to just watch her go crazy in this movie, which was hilarious.”

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Silverstone, 44, and Scott may be playing spouses again, but their latest reunion involves a cringe-worthy wedding and some R-rated behavior. On her 40th birthday, Silverstone’s Audrey arrives at her brother’s (Jake Hoffman) wedding to Clemence (Mathilde Ollivier), which quickly goes downhill with a tit for tat quarrel, a jet-skiing accident, an ex-boyfriend cameo and some molly for dessert.

“This is definitely a relatable wedding weekend gone wrong in a script. And I’ve been there. I got to say, unfortunately, I’ve been right there in a very similar situation with my wife and her brother,” Scott told Us. “And so I was like, man, this really rings true.”

Tom Everett Scott Gushes Over Sister of the Groom Costar Alicia Silverstone
Tom Everett Scott and Alicia Silverstone Saban Films

And that’s not even the half of it. The headache-filled family gathering even starts to reveal the cracks in Audrey and Ethan’s (Scott) marriage. While Audrey is fighting with Clemence, Ethan, well, is just trying to get intimate with his wife.

“He’s unfulfilled kind of in his career at the moment. Just wants to get some time with his wife. He definitely wants to have a little sexy time with his wife and he gets rebuffed, and it’s just kind of disappointing. But they’re a team, you know? And I think certainly as somebody who’s about to celebrate 23 years married to my wife [Jenny Gallagher], it’s work. For it to work, you have to work at it. And when one is going off the rails because of family stuff, the other one’s got to be right there and support,” the Southland alum explained to Us. “So they’re struggling, they’re in a rut. They’re in a rut physically. They’re in a rut now emotionally. And so that’s where it is. It’s tricky.”

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Their issues finally rise to the surface during a screaming match at the reception. “You certainly discover something about them during the story that even though they’re happy together, have a very stable life, they have their twin daughters, and they have a nice life and they have money and stuff, there’s some unsettled things. She really wishes that she had a different career. She thinks maybe she married the wrong guy because her mom gave her a hard time about it. And then the ex-boyfriend is at the wedding, which is really crazy,” the That Thing You Do! actor told Us. “She’s in the middle of a dilemma in her life. And my character’s there to try to pick up the pieces, which doesn’t feel great. For my character, he feels just disappointed, or he feels like he is a disappointment to his wife, who he loves.”

Audrey’s ill-timed midlife crisis also comes to a head when she gets into a heated — and physical — fight with the much younger bride-to-be. “The fight between the two of them, they actually put their hands on each other. That was really intense and funny,” Scott said of Silverstone and Ollivier, 26.

“There were some really great moments,” he said of the comedy, which was set in Long Island. “The boat scene, the water skiing. We had gorgeous weather the entire shoot until that day for some reason. It was cold. It was overcast. No one wanted to be in bathing suits on a boat. I mean, it really turned ugly that day. But it was still fun.”

As for if he would work with Silverstone again? That would be an easy decision for Scott. “She’s a great dance partner,” Scott said. “Someone that’s in sync with you creatively, it’s really important.”

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