‘You Me Her’ Season 2 Kicks Off With a ‘Kiss Me’ Competition: Watch the Sneak Peek

When all else fails, kiss — or at least, that's the plan of action for the polyamorous trio on You Me Her. A preview clip exclusive to Us Weekly from the Audience series' season 2 premiere — which airs (appropriately) on Tuesday, February 14, Valentine's Day — shows Emma (Rachel Blanchard) in the midst of a major freak-out. Watch the scene above!

"We are so f–ked," Emma tells Izzy (Priscilla Faia) and Jack (Greg Poehler). "I'm going to lose my promotion," the architect adds. "What was I thinking? Who threatens to break a little girl's leg?" (As viewers of season 1 know, these three landed in a sticky spot due to their unconventional relationship.)

You Me Her
You Me Her

In an attempt to quell his wife's anxiety, Jack interrupts her rambling to say two simple words: "Kiss me." It's a simple request … but it suddenly becomes slightly less simple. "Kiss me like you saw my plane crash, but you didn't know I parachuted out until I came up behind you and tapped you on the shoulder," he adds. Emma, looking overwhelmingly relieved, does exactly that, as a startled Izzy watches.

"So that's like a thing with you guys," she says before jumping in to try her hand at the "kiss me" game: "Kiss me like I just went Uma f–king Thurman on 40 ninja assassins and zip-lined you to safety." Again, Emma follows directions. Then Jack takes his turn. (You can see where this is going.)

The "kiss me" game devolves into more of a "kiss me" competition between Jack and Izzy as they each tell increasingly elaborate tales of asteroids and time machines until Emma says she needs a "tongue break." That's love, people.

You Me Her season 2 debuts on AUDIENCE Tuesday, February 14, at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT.

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