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Stanley Tucci Wows the Internet With a Video of Him Impressively Mixing a Cocktail

Stanley Tucci Shows Off Impressive Cocktail Mixing Skills
Stanley Tucci attends the premiere of ‘Worth’ at Sundance Film Festival on January 24, 2020 in Park City, Utah. Michael Hurcomb/Shutterstock

Putting his skills to the test! Stanley Tucci proved that there’s nothing more relaxing than watching him impressively whip up a cocktail from the comfort of his home’s kitchen.

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In a new three-minute Instagram video, the 59-year-old Devil Wears Prada actor’s wife, Felicity Blunt, filmed him as he made her a Negroni. Along the way, he provided tips on how to get the alcoholic beverage just right.

“We’re gonna make it a Negroni up,” Tucci explained on Monday, April 20. “Mostly, people have Negronis on the rocks. But I think, actually, they’re quite nice up.”

Tucci dropped a “fair amount” of ice into the shaker, joking how one should “use your hands” to do this “because it’s the most hygienic way of getting ice into a shaker.” Thereafter, he said that a double shot of gin should be added to the concoction.

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Tucci noted that vodka could be used as a substitute for non-gin fans. If one opts to use vodka instead, he recommended to “lace it with gin on the top just to give that little bit of flavor.”

Moving forward, he mixed in a shot of sweet vermouth and one shot of Campari. He then shook up the drink that would soon be placed into a coupe glass, but he explained that other glassware could be used as well.

“I put it in a coupe, like that, but you can put it in a martini glass, or whatever you want,” he said before pouring the drink, adding, “And there’s that! Now, you’ll want to garnish it with a slice of orange — a pre-sliced orange.”

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The Hunger Games star advised viewers to “put a little bit” of the orange slice’s juice into the beverage. Once the drink was done, Tucci asked his literary agent wife if she wanted to have it, but he decided to take the first sip. “You want it, Felicity? That will never happen,” he teased as Blunt, the big sister to actress Emily Blunt, playfully tried to grab at the drink from behind the camera. “That’s good!”

Tucci has shown off his skills in the kitchen before. This past December, the Burlesque actor posted a photo of himself whipping a few fancy cocktails while at the Joali Maldives resort. “Evening Cocktails at Joali 🍸,” he captioned the snap.

In June 2019, Tucci teamed up with BuzzFeed’s Proper Tasty to share a recipe that “means something special” to him in support of refugees and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ahead of World Refugees Day. “Cooked a wonderful baked lamb ouzi — a traditional Syrian dish — with @ghazalmia for #WorldRefugeeDay,” he wrote via Instagram at the time.

“We talked about our family favourites, shared childhood memories and our love of cooking, food and eating,” he continued. “Her story of having to flee Syria and how she is rebuilding a life in the UK reminds me why it’s more important than ever to support #UNHCR and people all over the world who have been forced to flee their homes.”

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