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Maintain Your Hair Color With the Best Root Touch Up

highly rated root touch ups
Finding a hair dye that suits you is one of the most satisfying feelings. You go home happy and refreshed with a new look. Unfortunately, after a few days, your roots begin to grow in, especially if you have grays, and the same perfect hair looks unkempt. A solution would be to go to the salon, but we all know how expensive a good salon appointment can be, not to mention the pain of scheduling an appointment. But fear not, because the most fantastic root touch-ups of 2022 provide the solution to all of your problems.
These handy little products are a cost-effective way to blend your overgrown roots with the rest of your dyed hair. The application is also a piece of cake, as they are available in the form of sprays, pastes, and powders. There are also pocket-sized options you can carry anywhere easily. To save you the hassle, this list details some of the top options on the market if you are looking for a new root touch up solution.

Reviewing the Finest Root Touch Ups of 2022

Style Edit Root Touch Up – Best Overall

root touch up reviews
Earning the first spot is Style Edit’s Root Touch Up. This root product is unmatched in terms of application and result. It comes in the form of a powder that can easily be applied and is compatible with any hair type. The formula contains a binding agent and color binding complex that gets rid of the unsightly grays in just one swipe. Not to mention, the color pigments are also self-adjusting and adaptive, which fill in the gaps seamlessly.

Key Features

And don’t worry, this won’t leave a powdery look on your hair. Amazingly, you can wash it clean with just shampoo. It comes in a small, cute container that you can easily carry in your purse. The container has a smart design with a hinged lid, an attached mirror inside, and the bottom screws open, revealing the application sponge. This witty design, coupled with the topnotch color formula, makes this root touch-up the best overall on this list.

  • Instant application and result
  • Convenient, portable design
  • Little goes a long way
  • Innovative packaging equipped with helpful features
  • Color matching can be tricky

Clairol Root Touch-up – Best for Brown Hair

root touch up reviews
Brown is one of the most common and versatile hair colors. That being said, it’s one of those hair colors that gray roots can easily ruin. Keeping that in mind, Clairol provides a solution with a perfect formula for brown hair. It penetrates the roots deeply and mixes in seamlessly with any leading dark brown shade.

Key Features

You can forget about grays because this root touch-up produces consistent, strong, and sharp results. No need to worry about constant reapplication, because one application lasts up to three weeks. It’s formulated as a regular hair color cream, so many of you will already be familiar with its use. A precision brush is also included to make the application swift and easy. All it takes is ten minutes, and your hair will look revitalized, healthy, and natural.

  • Long lasting result
  • Color accuracy rivals professional products
  • Great for gray hair coverage
  • Not very portable

L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Rescue – Most Professional Appearance

root touch up reviews
L’Oreal is one of the leading brands in the hair color industry, and this product is a testament to that. If you’re dyeing your hair at home between appointments, you need something like this. The application only takes 10 minutes and lasts a very long time, and every reapplication provides the same consistent result. It comes in several shades, from dark brown to light blonde.

Key Features

Say goodbye to gray roots, thanks to the even results of the easy-to-spread formula. The box package contains a low ammonia color gel and a built-in scented conditioner to tackle the dryness that comes with dyeing. The quick precision brush makes the application and parting of your hair a piece of cake, making the whole process much faster. The splendid thing about this root touch-up kit is that it delivers the exact look you would get from a professional salon, at home. Even for complex colors like blonde and red, this product will deliver accurate coverage every time.

  • Professional salon-looking results at home
  • Accurate even on complex hair color dyes
  • Cost-effective formula
  • Preparing the solution can get messy

AGEbeautiful Root Touch-up Spray – Quick and Simple

root touch up reviews
If you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to spend dyeing your hair, this AGEbeautiful Root Touch-up Spray is perfect for you. It comes in a sprayable bottle that can be used on the go and carried anywhere. All it takes is a few pumps targeted at the desired area, and you’re done. The dye spreads evenly and delicately, covering all the patches. It also sweats and is water-resistant but washes out effortlessly every time you shampoo.

Key Features

The formula is specifically targeted toward roots. Whether you suffer from thinning spots or graying, this root touchup spray has you covered. It instantly conceals thinning patches and gray hairs while adding extra volume to your roots. The result is naturally beautiful and full-looking hair. This option also offers a variety of colors ranging from black to light blonde.

  • Easy to apply
  • Intense and even coverage
  • Easy to use on-the-go
  • May stain your skin

Gowemm Hairline Powder and Root Dye – Reliable and Safe

root touch up reviews
This Gowemm Hairline Powder and Root Dye couples reliability with the safe application. First of all, it’s effortless to use, all it takes is a few dabs with the powder puff, and you’re done. The formula is designed to work between the roots and scalp. Equipped with professional quality pigments, this kit swiftly provides heavy and even coverage. The main ingredient in the powder is beeswax, which is very safe and coats the hair, protecting it from the elements.

Key Features

If you’re looking for a quick touch-up to freshen up quickly before a meeting or gathering, this product will not disappoint. The product is also cleverly packaged. The lid flips open, revealing a small mirror, and the bottom contains a sponge that can be screwed in to ensure portability. This product works equally well for both gray and thinning hair.

  • Does not stain
  • Very user friendly
  • Consistent and accurate coverage
  • Could include more product

Buying Guide: Root Touch Up

People often underestimate how much small things matter when it comes to looks. Humans are visual creatures. A slight thinning patch and discoloration can make you appear unmanaged or careless. Products like root touch-up kits are essential to maintain your appearance. But, everyone’s hair is different with different imperfections. So, you must know what type you need, what you should look for in it, and what it will do for you. This list details these concerns and their solutions in a buying guide to help you purchase the right option for you.

What Should You Expect From a Root Touch-up Product?

A common complaint in the reviews section on websites like Amazon is “not what I expected.” Although some products don’t live up to their description, the customer often expects something from a product that it simply does not offer. Here are three of the most common misconceptions when it comes to expectations from root touch-up products.

How long will it last

Often hair dye products are labeled as “permanent.” Customers who purchase these products expect a permanent hair color change, but “permanent ” means that the color will survive a shampoo wash. Root touch products that mention permanence usually only last a few weeks, and others wash off once you shampoo.


However “user-friendly” a product is, there will always be a difference between how you apply it and how a professional uses it. There’s a learning process to these products, and nobody gets it perfect the first time. That isn’t the fault of the product, you’ll just need some practice.


Remember, the root “touch up” is just a touch-up. It’s only meant as a quick solution between salon appointments. Similarly, it only works for roots, not the ends of your hair. Even roots of longer length aren’t compatible with such products. Keep this in mind during use, or else you’ll be disappointed.

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Root Touch Up

Hair dye products like root touch-up kits have become very popular, especially after the pandemic, due to their user-friendliness. But all of these products are not made equal. Here are some essential features a root touch-up must have that you should consider before buying one. Take a look:

The color and shade

One would think that the color-choosing process would be straightforward. But that is far from reality; when it comes to rooting touch shades, you are not coloring your hair but blending. When choosing a shade, you should not only consider your hair dye color. Instead, you should consider both your natural hair color and the color of dye you have. In order to blend your roots properly, you will need to mix your natural hair color with your dyed hair color.


The scalp and hair are both susceptible to damage from poorly-made products. So, the ingredients in your product are paramount to guarantee hair safety. For example, chemicals like sulfates and PPD can dry out and damage your hair. So keep an eye out for these. Instead, opt for products with natural ingredients like beeswax.


By now, it is obvious that ease of application is a vital factor in root touch-up dyes. Because dyes can greatly alter your look in a matter of seconds, you must handle them carefully. Hair sprays, powders, and even color sticks are easy to use. Good root dye products always come with tools that help in application.

What’s included

Any hair dye product needs to include accessories to help with the application. These accessories usually include brushes, squirt bottles, sponges, and tiny mirrors. They help get more accurate results by assisting you in spreading and applying the products evenly. These small accessories increase the product’s value, so look out for them.


This consideration is optional, but many people usually buy these kits to use them on the go as a quick solution and color refresher. Such needs can arise anywhere. It is always a plus if the root touch-up product is portable so that you can carry it in your bag.


This is big when it comes to any product. Usually, the pastes and cream-based options cost more. The powders and sprays are cheaper. Unless you’re looking for a premium product, a reasonable price for a root dyeing kit is anywhere from $8-$20.

People Also Asked

Q: Is it ok if I dye my roots every two weeks?

A: Root touch powders and sprays wash out easily with shampoo, but if you use permanent dyes, there should be, at minimum, a two-week gap. More frequent use will dry out and damage your hair.

Q: Should I go lighter or darker with a root touch up?

A: It’s better to go a bit darker since a darker shade will look more natural on your scalp. A lighter shade may be more obvious. This can depend on your hair color, as well as the formula of your chosen touch-up product.

Q: Should I wash my hair before a root touch up?

A: Shampooing and conditioning your hair ensures that it is clean and protected. If your scalp has any sort of dirt clogged up in it, the hair dye might not stick or not apply evenly.

Q: Can I use root touch ups on my whole head?

A: For the most part, you should not, as it will not give you the desired result. But specific cream-based root dyeing kits are powerful enough to be used even on the ends of your hair.

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