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Make Fabulous Updos With the Best Spiral Hair Ties

best-rated spiral hair ties
Whether you want to rock a messy bun or considering how to make your hair look #OnFleek, spiral hair ties are a must-have item to rock any hairstyle. Spiral hair ties hold up even the thickest and longest of braids without leaving marks or kinks in your hair. They’re also great for keeping your bangs out of your face while you’re working out or running errands. 

Unlike those sticky rubber bands, these hair ties do not snag on your hair or snap with a little stretch. And since hair ties come in a variety of colors and sizes, you can use them as a bracelet to add a twist to your casual look! What’s not to love about that? 

With all these amazing options, investing in one type of hair accessory can quickly become a daunting task. To help you out, we’ve curated a list of the top spiral hair ties of 2022 that will have you looking IG ready in no time. 

The Leading Spiral Hair Ties of 2022 in Detail

Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties – Best Overall

spiral hair ties reviews
Whether you’re looking for a hair tie to keep your hair out of your face or something to add a pop of color to your ponytail, Kitsch spiral hair ties will fit the bill. Featuring a smooth, plastic construction, these spiral ties are durable enough to last through your toughest workouts or rock shows—and everything in between! 

Designed to prevent hair breakage, these hair ties spread out the tension on your scalp and allow you to sport a tight, sleek look without worrying about any headaches. Unlike rubber bands that snap out with a slight stretch, these hair ties stretch comfortably. So if you have textured hair or in the middle of a restorative hair journey, you can rest assured these will only give you TLC without the OMG. 

Available in different hues, you can also use these hair ties on wristbands to jazz up your casual outfit with a chic twist. 

  • Waterproof, hygienic material
  • Elastic accommodate different hair types
  • Might slide off from thin hair

Invisibobble Spiral Hair Ties – Budget-Friendly

spiral hair tie reviews
With Invisibobbles, you can throw your hair up into a messy bun, braid it into a french twist or wrap it high on top of your head without any worry of tangled tresses. Unlike traditional hair ties, these spiral hair ties have a smooth surface that won’t snag your hair or leave you with dreaded ponytail creases.

Featuring an improved elasticity, these hair ties have a firm grip that keeps them in place, even if you have thin hair. These hair ties are non-soaking and hygienic, so they won’t leave your hair feeling gross after an intense workout session or a dip in a pool. 

Another awesome plus? Since they come in seven fabulous colors, you can match them with every outfit in your closet!

  • Doesn’t leave creases
  • Perfect for different hairstyles
  • Doubles as a fashion accessory
  • Might be small for thick hair

Basicconcepts Spiral Hair Ties – Best for Thick Hair

spiral hair tie reviews
If you’ve got thick or curly hair, then we don’t have to tell you that it’s no walk in the park to keep your tresses under control. With basicConcepts spiral hair ties, you can achieve powerhouse stretch quality and secure any size ponytail without the annoying slippage or headaches that come with hair ties that are tied wayyy too tight. 

These won’t damage your hair or cause breakage, and they’re gentle on even the curliest of locks. Coming in a pack of 10 amazing spiral hair ties in assorted colors, you can use one to match your look every single day of the week or switch up your style every day if that’s how you roll.

  • Super strong grip
  • Design is fashionable 
  • Might be too stretchy

Tailaimei Spiral Hair Ties – Most Durable

spiral hair ties reviews
Ready to take your hair tie game to the next level? TailaiMei spiral hair ties are just what you need. Made from extra stretchy TPU material, these hair ties are highly durable and won’t snag or damage your hair so you can wear them again and again.

And even better? They’re waterproof and oilproof, so if you sweat or spill product on them you won’t have to worry about having to throw them away. Just rinse them off and keep on rocking. 

Featuring a unique design, these hair ties will not only keep your messy bun looking perfect but also ensure that your braid game is on point too. No one wants to see their hairstyle unraveled when it’s time for class or work.

  • Premium material promotes maximum durability
  • Waterproof and oil proof
  • Comes in a pack of 20
  • The colors are not so flattering

Pengxiaomei Spiral Hair Ties – Best Color Variety

spiral hair ties reviews
If you’re tired of those silk scrunchies that keep sliding off and ruin your precious hairstyle, then you should try PengXiaoMei spiral hair ties. Featuring a spiraled polyurethane construction, these hair ties are lightweight, flexible and durable. You can use them for any type of hairstyle—from braids to ponytails to top knots—and they’ll still hold tight!

Since they’re non-absorbent and waterproof, you can use them in the shower or at the beach without worrying about damage to your tresses. With their fun, versatile designs you can achieve a classic black and white combo or brighten up your day with some powder pink streaks.

Your styling game is totally up to you, and these hair ties will let you show off both your style and unique personality.

  • Strong grip
  • Prevents hair breakage and tangles
  • Might leave creases in the hair

How To Choose Top-Quality Spiral Hair Ties: A Buyer’s Guide

Hair ties are a must-have item for anyone with long hair. Whether it’s to tame your flyaways or just keep your hair out of your face, they’re an essential part of any hairstyling routine. Here are some things to consider before buying spiral hair ties:

Look for High-Quality Materials

The material of your hair ties can make a big difference in terms of effectiveness and longevity. Cheap hair ties are often made with low-quality plastics such as phthalates and latex that break easily and may even cause damage to your hair and scalp. These materials don’t hold your hair well enough to last for an entire day at work or school.

Ideally, it should be made from resilient materials that won’t snap under pressure from your head or catch on anything else in your purse or bag. Also, they should be stretchable enough to hold a decent amount of your hair without breaking free or blocking the blood circulation around your head.

While spiral hair ties that are made from silicone or TPU often have an attractive sheen, they aren’t as slippery as other kinds of ties—making them great for those who plan for a long day trip.

Consider Your Hair Texture

The texture is another factor to consider when buying your spiral hair tie. If you have wavy or curly hair, you may want to avoid using your hair tie as a ponytail holder. While it will work just fine at holding back the front of your hair, it can create some very interesting effects on the back of your head or can get stuck in the ringlets.

For those with straight locks who want an easy up-do that looks chic but doesn’t require much time or effort, then going with one of these versatile wonders is definitely a good idea. Just remember to tie them three times. Otherwise, they might slip out.

Will it Cause Hair Damage?

Some types of hair ties can be too rough on your hair, causing damage and breakage. While buying spiral hair types, look for ones that have a firm grip but don’t tug too hard on your strands or scalp.

Does it Fit Your Lifestyle?

When choosing a spiral hair tie, make sure that it fits into your lifestyle. For example, if you are someone who likes to swim you should ensure that you get one that is waterproof. Also, make sure it’s comfortable enough so you can wear it around your wrist or ankle if you plan on wearing your hair down during any time of the day.


While buying spiral hair ties, look for packs that offer several different colors and styles in one pack. There are plenty of options out there that include everything from neon colors to metallic details and even glittery patterns.

People Also Asked

Q: Are spiral hair ties better for hair?

A: Yes, spiral hair ties are much better for your hair than standard rubber bands. Unlike rubber bands that pull out strands and cause breakage, silicone hair ties feature an enhanced elasticity that allows you to put your hair in ponytails and buns without causing any harm to your tresses.

Q: Can I use spiral hair ties for a loose bun?

A: Yes, you can use a spiral hair tie for a loose bun. Simply wrap it around a few times until you achieve the desired height and hold it in place with some bobby pins or clips. For an added touch of glamor, try using some glittery ones. 

Q: Do spiral hair ties stretch out?

A: Yes, just like other hair ties spiral hair ties do stretch over time. If the coil happens to stretch larger than its original size, simply place it in a bowl of hot water to shrink its size. If that doesn’t work, try using your hairdryer on high heat for about five minutes to improve its elasticity.

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