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Read More Comfortably With the Best Reading Pillow

highly rated reading pillows
Are you a bookworm who gets lost in page-turners and forgets where you’re sitting or lying? If this is the case, you may experience neck pain while you read. It can be difficult to find a comfortable position to read in for long periods of time. 

Cramming dozens of cushions to brace your shoulders and back, repositioning to alleviate an aching neck, or searching for the ideal angle to keep your neck up can all interfere with your reading experience. Conventional pillows just don’t work for many people. Designed specifically to address these issues, reading pillows are intended to stabilize your spine and cradle the back of the neck at a slightly tilted angle. This way, you won’t have a sore neck, tight shoulders, or stiff back at the conclusion of your reading periods. To help you save time and effort, we have rounded some of the most comfortable reading pillows in 2023.

Comparing the Finest Reading Pillows of 2023

Milliard Reading Pillow – Best Overall

reading pillow reviews
Are you looking for a reading pillow that wraps nicely around your neck while also supporting your shoulders and back? If so, the Milliard Reading Pillow is your go-to product. Stuffed with shredded, high-density polyurethane memory foam, this reading pillow is well-known for conforming to the curves of your body. The memory foam filling also has an additional opening so that you can add and take away support as you need it. 

For ease of portability, the zippered velour outer cover includes a convenient carrying handle. To add, you can readily throw the removable cover in the washing machine for swift cleanup of spills and stains. This pillow comes vacuum-packed, and it can take a while to attain its original form. If you just can’t wait, you may be able to fluff the pillow yourself. This is the top overall choice on this list due to its high-density shredded foam, comfy armrests, and portable top handle.

  • Personalizable insert for comfort
  • Comes with a handle for portability
  • Include a detachable cover
  • Filled with shredded foam
  • Foam may be flammable

Malu Reading Pillow – Most Comfortable

reading pillow reviews
The Malu Reading Pillow is designed for its user’s maximum comfort and relaxation. Made from faux leather, comfortable fabric, and memory foam, it is incredibly durable and will be a reliable companion for your reading time. The material is soft against the skin, so rest assured your neck and back are in good hands. Adding to its efficiency, it is extremely low maintenance and easy to clean. Simply clean your pillow with a moist cloth or towel dipped in mild detergent.

It comes with a top handle that makes it super easy to transport. Featuring armrests, it not only encourages shoulder and back relaxation but also lets the user bask in its cozy comfort. The backrest cushion is broad enough and conforms to your lower back while supporting your neck. It also includes a rolling mat that may be used as an extra cushion as well as a headrest. This pillow is available in three beautiful colors, so you can choose one that suits your personality. The company offers hassle-free returns, simple refunds, and a long-term warranty to ensure complete user satisfaction.

  • Made from faux leather 
  • Comes with a top handle
  • Rolls out as a comfortable mat
  • Available in three different colors
  • Has a bad smell

ComfortSpa Reading Pillow – Most Lightweight

reading pillow reviews
The ComfortSpa Reading Pillow provides substantial back support as well as armrests that assist your back and neck muscles in relaxing. It’s an excellent lounging pillow for those who enjoy reading, playing video games, and watching television. This durable cushion is made of premium-quality shredded memory foam. The inner filling facilitates airflow and conforms to the contour of your body. It features an additional compartment in the arm side pockets for storing your smartphone, spectacles, books, medication box, or even a remote.

The backrest is shipped in a compressed form and has to be shaken aggressively to loosen the shredded foam. The pillow is about 18 inches in height and 15 inches across and provides solid back support. Each arm stretches out 11 inches to cushion your head and neck, easing the strain on your joints and muscles and promoting overall health and wellness. Adding to its functionality is its gray velour cover, which can be easily spot-cleaned with a wet towel.


  • Features a medical-grade material
  • Made from breathable velour fabric
  • Light and easy to carry
  • Has anti-clump shredded foam fill
  • Doesn’t hold shape well

Linenspa Reading Pillow – Best for Post-Surgery

reading pillow reviews
This Linespa Reading Pillow sports the classic reading pillow shape. The simple design provides a firm back cushion, and the fashionable velour cover and cozy armrest add a comforting touch. It’s also elegant enough to look well on practically any couch or sofa, without breaking the bank. Filled with shredded foam, it has the perfect amount of adaptability and support. Available in two neutral colors, it will go with any decor in your house. Fluffy and plush, this reading pillow consists of a top carry handle that makes it easy to move from one place to another. It comes in three distinct variations and features a detachable neck support option for extra-large sizes and can also be coupled as a leg support cushion.

This is an excellent choice for post-surgery recovery and rehab. It arrives compacted and rolled in a package, simply shake, fluff, and leave it for up to 48 hours for complete expansion.

  • Comes in neutral shades
  • Ergonomic design and firm back support
  • Ideal for post-surgery use
  • Includes a removable neck support
  • Poor shape memory

Nestl Reading Pillow – Most Colorful

reading pillow reviews
The Nestl Reading Pillow is available in an array of colors, so you can choose the one that complements the aesthetic of your space. Unlike other sit-up pillows that are more geared toward children, this one is suitable for all ages. Wrapped in a velvety, plush, and soft cover, it is packed with top-quality, shredded memory foam that adapts to your body for just the right amount of cushioning. It features three handy pockets to store things when you’re catching up on your reading and don’t want to get up to go get something. 

If you’re concerned about tea or coffee stains, don’t be. Simply toss the cover into your washing machine for easy maintenance. With the handy carrying handle, you can easily move the reading pillow from room to room. You can customize the filling by adding or removing foam clusters from the accessible inner zipper. Not to mention you can use the bungee cord to adjust the height of the neck roll pillow, which can also be used for lumbar support.

  • Includes a top handle
  • Stuffing can be customized 
  • Easy to wash
  • Comes in a range of colors
  • Not the most durable choice

Buying Guide: Reading Pillows

Reading pillows are useful not only for enthusiastic readers but also for individuals who enjoy playing video games or watching television in bed. With a reading pillow, you can sink into a comfortable position and lose track of time as the plot thickens in your favorite novel. Not only are these pillows intended to provide maximum back support, but they can also help to alleviate muscle cramps or discomfort. With tons of options on the market, it is easy to get confused. Simply read through this helpful guide to learn everything there is to know about reading pillows.

What Is a Reading Pillow?

Whether you are an avid book lover or a gaming enthusiast, owning a reading pillow is almost a necessity at this point. The memory foam supports the spine’s natural shape while alleviating pressure spots in the neck, shoulder, and back muscles. If armrests are included, they help you relax your arms and shoulders and provide enough comfort to read for hours without the need to readjust your arms. 

Sit-up pillows may also be of great use to anyone recuperating from surgery or confined to a bed for health reasons. They will give much-needed support and may even relieve the pain that comes with prolonged bed rest. Folks who are bed-bound also need to change positions eventually or end up getting bedsores. Owning a reading pillow can be an excellent solution to prevent such sores and help you shift postures and sit comfortably.

What To Consider Before Buying a Reading Pillow


Sit-up pillows are often designed in a triangular shape, with two arms on each side. So, if you’re looking for a reading pillow that supports both your neck and back, you’ll need one that can reach up to your upper back. The cushion should be big enough to reach the base of your neck to provide optimal support. A smaller pillow will only support your lower back muscles and you will likely strain your upper back muscles after reading a few pages of your book.

Before deciding on a pillow, measure the length of your back so you can compare it to the height of the cushion and choose accordingly. If you are very tall you may require extra-large pillows or ones that come with extra length. 

Long armrests

The armrests on many reading pillows are small and stubby, hardly reaching as far as your elbows. Though it depends on an individual’s height and arm length, the small armrests might not even reach up to your elbows, requiring you to keep your arms up while reading. Instead, look for a cushion with armrests that extend all the way to your hands. The added space will elevate your elbows when holding a book and support your arms while playing games or simply resting.


With the exception of a few of the pillows, most have coverings that are removable and washable. The majority of reading pillows are filled with shredded memory foam and usually come with their own cover. The memory foam should be CertiPUR-certified, as this looks for the presence of harmful pollutants in polyurethane foams used in bedding. 


Opt for pillows that will last a long time. Fragile materials that lose form over time are a poor choice. This is why you must go through the reviews to learn about longevity.

People Also Asked

Q: How can I clean my reading pillow?

A: Always carefully go through the user manual provided with the pillow. The washing instructions will differ based on the type of reading pillow that you have. Use only gentle detergent along with warm water, as strong detergents may alter the outward appearance. Bleach should also be avoided since it might discolor the fabric.

Q: How often should I replace my reading pillow?

A: Pillows should be replaced every one to two years, according to several professionals. This aims to guarantee that you are utilizing pillows that are comfortable, hygienic, and allergen-free. To preserve the longevity of your pillows, you also need to take care of them.

Q: What causes yellow discoloration of old reading pillows?

A: Sweat causes the yellowing of pillows. Other factors that might cause a pillow to become yellow include sleeping with damp hair, creams, lotions, oils on the skin, and humidity. When moisture or perspiration lingers on the pillow for an extended period of time, it tends to change color and becomes yellow.

Q: Is reading in bed harmful for my sleep?

A: Sleep specialists frequently advise that you just use your bed for sleeping. Reading in bed might disrupt your sleeping patterns and make falling asleep more difficult. It is advised to choose printed books or paperbacks over reading tablets and other electronic gadgets for reading in bed.

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