Got Back Pain? This Genius Back Massager Is Your Ticket to Bliss

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Look, life isn’t easy. Between work, family drama and saving up for that car you’ve been eyeing, there are likely a lot of hurdles getting thrown your way on a daily basis. And that’s why when an aching back rears its ugly head, it may as well be a giant stop sign smack dab in the middle of your day.

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There are lots of reasons why your back is sore these days. Doing any kind of repetitive movement or lack thereof (like sitting in your desk chair for eight or more hours a day) can cause a flare-up, not to mention rigorous workouts or freak-incidents that can happen anytime. One way to combat a sore back is to visit a massage therapist every month, but if you’ve been to one lately, you know it costs a pretty penny. But what if you need immediate relief and want to stick to a budget?

Sometimes, you just have to take things into your own hands, and when it comes to back pain, this is especially true. Tools like the Thorex Back Muscle Massager can give your back the relief it needs so you don’t have to succumb to what oftentimes turns into debilitating pain. But unlike other at-home back massagers, this state-of-the-art device can also prevent more pain from appearing in the long run, thanks to its unique ability to help your spine’s alignment. And to top it all off, it’s currently 26% off of its retail price of $149.99. And if you ask us, $109.99 is a small price to pay for sweet relief.

How to use it

One of the awesome things about the Thorex Back Muscle Massager is that you can actually incorporate it into your daily routine and more importantly, your workouts. That’s because it requires your entire body to move as you use the tool, helping your spine and back muscles all at once. The massager is comprised of wheel-like rollers that rub along your spine as you use it, providing you with a relieving massage.

Whether you use the massager along a wall or lay on top of it on a flat surface like a hardwood floor, what you experience is the same: relief. That’s because the tool is designed to spread pressure over a large area, massaging your muscles as you use it.

The massager is also ideal for treating knotted muscles in the back caused by stress, poor posture and long hours hunched over a computer. Massage is a great way to reduce and prevent these knots.

Why it works

In general, there are so many benefits massaging sore muscles can have on your body. Not only can it relieve pain due to pressure or general soreness, it can help promote better circulation which can ease pain and healing over time. The Thorex Massager does all this and more. When you roll your back along the device, you’re improving your thoracic extension, helping to loosen up tightness and improving mobility. The tool also can increase your soft tissue mobility and most importantly, improve your spine’s alignment.

Unfortunately, back pain can occur after just about any kind of exercise, whether it be jogging or squatting with weights. Depending on how your spine is aligned along with your balance and posture, you could be putting unnecessary pressure on your back, causing pain and terrible discomfort. By using the Thorex Back Muscle Massager on a regular basis, you’ll prevent this said back pain and prevent it from happening in the future thanks to its aforementioned benefits.

Incorporate it into your workout.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a massage and work on building your muscles at the same time? Well, with the Thorex Back Muscle Massager, it’s totally possible. For one thing, you can actually use the massager as a tool to build your thigh and glute muscles. Simply stand upright, with your feet shoulder-width apart, and place the massager against your back, in between you and the wall. Slowly, bend your knees at a 90-degree angle, as if you were sitting in a chair, hold for a second, and roll back up. Now you can massage your back, align your spine, and built your muscles all at the same time!

And since life involves running from place to place and traveling too, the Thorex Back Muscle Massager is designed to be incredibly portable so you can keep one just about anywhere you spend your time. You can keep it at home, in your desk drawer at the office, or even take it with you when you go on trips. It’s super easy to carry around, and all you need is a hard, flat surface like a wall or a floor to roll on. It doesn’t get much easier or convenient than that, does it?

Skip the pricey massage bill and opt for the Thorex Back Muscle Massager! For a limited time, you can snag one for just $109.99 — that’s a 26% discount!

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