Channel Your Inner Celeb and Do Yoga, Pilates and More From Your Living Room

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Spring has officially sprung, yet we’re all in the midst of social distancing. But just because you’re not required to put on real pants doesn’t mean you have to stay horizontal on your couch all day. Engaging in at least some physical activity each day is important to your physical and mental health. But without the ability to go to the gym or hiking trails, your options are sort of limited.

With limited space and equipment, many people — including celebs like Pink, Jessica Alba and Britney Spears — are turning to yoga to get their blood moving during the nationwide quarantine. That’s because it requires little space and is an easy way to stretch, build muscle and even make you sweat — all in one workout session.

Many of us may have a yoga move or two up our sleeves, but when it comes to filling twenty minutes or an entire hour with smooth, fluid movement, an experienced teacher to guide us would be greatly appreciated. That’s why we’re loving Yogaia, the world’s very first live, interactive yoga studio.

Regardless of experience level, this innovative yoga program boasts over 1,000 hours of mind and body classes that you can access any time, with just the tap of a finger. Ranging from five minutes to over an hour, each of the online studio’s classes are designed to be easy to do from your living room, hotel room, personal gym (if you’re lucky enough to have one) or wherever. You’ll even have the option to choose your difficulty level, ranging from gentle to vigorous and easy to advanced.

But don’t let the name Yogaia fool you — this program offers way more than your basic downward dog and cobra poses. You can choose from classes that focus on meditation, pilates, stretching, foam rolling and so much more. And since the classes are in real time, it’s just like participating in a class full of other yogis, just like it was pre-quarantine times (le sigh). But don’t worry — if you’re unable to catch a live class, you can work out with the on-demand classes via online, iOS, Android and Apple TV on your own time.

Yogaia has grown more and more popular in recent months, turning into many people’s “go-to” home workout. In fact, over 30 million classes have been broadcast to date and have been taken by a million Yogaia users from over 140 countries around the world. And since more than 100 new classes are added each week, you could work out with Yogaia every day and basically never run out of content.

Yogis have been raving about the interactive classes left and right, but here are some highlights:

“Yogaia is fabulous. I can tailor which practice I want to do so easily and the tutors are amazing, so lovely, each with their own style but all of them making you feel welcome, even on the recorded lessons. I love it.” — Alison, Yogaia user

“This yoga platform has been an excellent teaching tool for a novice yogi. The challenges are allowing me to grow my practice, so I look forward to many more years of continued membership.” — Julie, Yogaia user

Thanks to Yogaia, you can reap the amazing benefits of yoga without ever leaving home — or putting on real pants, for that matter. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Get a load of our favorite reasons to get on that mat and say, “Namaste.”

It keeps you flexible.

You’re doing a lot of sitting around these days, given that you can’t really leave the house, which is all the more reason you should get up and stretch. To avoid getting a stiff back, a sore tailbone and more, guided, gentle stretching is always a good thing. So whether you’re sitting through the third Zoom meeting of the day or are seven episodes deep in a Bravo Housewives marathon, don’t forget to squeeze in a little stretch or yoga session — even if it’s just a five-minute class on Yogaia.

It helps you keep off the #Quarantine15.

What is it about staying at home that makes you want to wander into the kitchen every 20 minutes? Since there’s likely a lot of snacking going on these days, keeping things nice and toned with a good yoga session a few times a week can ensure you stay on track. So instead of opening up the fridge out of boredom, flip on Yogaia and get moving.

It helps combat anxiety.

Life today is no joke. Between the fear of contracting and spreading COVID-19 and the mind-boggling shortage of toilet paper (which is still very much a thing), your anxiety is probably at an all-time high. After watching the news for five minutes, it’s easy to think about the worst that could happen and lose sight of reality. If any of this sounds familiar, doing yoga can be incredibly helpful when it comes to calming your nerves and easing stress. Putting aside even a few minutes each day to focus on your body and center your thoughts can work wonders. And with the many accessible yoga and meditation classes Yogaia has to offer, you can pause life and take a breather any time you’d like.

For a limited time, you can slash 25% off a lifetime subscription to Yogaia Interactive Yoga Classes and sign up for just $299.

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