Here’s How to Launch a Blog That Can Actually Make You Money

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Keeping busy while you’re stuck at home in quarantine is a struggle, to say the least. Even if you’re working from home, there are still plenty of hours in the day you’re left wondering what to do. And while cleaning out your junk drawer sounds super fun (said no one ever), perhaps you can manifest something more creative out of your boredom, like a successful blog.

With so many accessible online platforms out there, just about anyone can start a blog (yes, even you), which is actually pretty awesome if you think about it. But as you likely already know, not all blogs are created equal. That’s because successful blogs are actually part of a bigger picture; oftentimes, they’re used as a tool to enhance business, create awareness on any given topic and so much more. And considering 77% of internet users read blogs regularly, successful ones have the potential to be massive money-making machines. Sounds pretty exciting, right?

If you’re thinking about starting a blog, or already have one and want to take it to the next level, The Ultimate Build Your Blog Bundle has you covered. From honing in on basic writing fundamentals to garnering a band of loyal readers, this three-course program teaches you how to turn your blog into a force to be reckoned with in the digital space.

But before you write off this learning bundle because you’re trying to watch your spending these days, you’ll be pleased to know the entire program is over 80% off and will cost you just $30.

Use your copywriting skills to get attention.

No matter what your intentions are when you begin blogging, it all starts with content. And no matter what you’re writing about — whether it’s health and wellness or tidbits about your epic trip to Europe — it’s important your content is relevant, conveys a strong voice and provides readers with useful information. And once you develop these things, you’ll be able to build an audience and increase traffic to your blog.

Led by April Bowles-Olin, a writer, creative business consultant and marketing strategist extraordinaire, you’ll learn how to turn your thoughts into engaging blog posts that people will actually want to read. And under her direction, through 15 hours of content, you’ll develop a strong editorial strategy that will guide you through your content creation. You’ll also learn how to dodge common roadblocks bloggers often encounter along with how to write concisely, streamlining your workflow like a boss.

Reach people that actually want to read your blog.

If you’re using your blog to help support a growing business or website, getting it in front of the right eyes is crucial to your success — after all, you’re not going to find fancy interior design blog readers in a sea of just-out-of-college renters, right?  But with so many tools at your disposal, from social media to email, marketing yourself and reaching the right people online is completely doable. And with the help of Bowles-Olin, the successful marketing strategist and genius mind behind Blacksburg Belle, a go-to online marketing resource, you’ll get pushed in just the right direction.

Over the course of 26 easy-to-follow lessons, you’ll get a crash course in the psychology of marketing that real professionals use to gain a loyal following online. You’ll learn the art of crafting the perfect Twitter and Instagram posts (which is more than just using clever hashtags, believe it or not) as well as email campaigns to ensure your content gets in front of your target audience.

Avoid the dreaded fair-weather blog.

Staying motivated to maintain a blog for the longterm takes some serious skill. But if you want to reap the benefits of a great, successful online venture, you’ve got to keep that content coming! But what can give your blog that competitive edge that’ll make it last?

Under the instruction of Darren Murph, the former editor-at-large for Engadget and Guinness World Record® holder for being the most prolific professional blogger, you’ll learn how to keep your blog afloat amongst a sea of online content.

Over the course of ten extensive lessons, you’ll learn how to turn your love for writing into a thriving freelance career. You’ll get to take a closer look at the inner workings of real publications, gaining an understanding of what editors are looking for in writers and bloggers. With this inside information, you’ll be able to fill in the gaps other freelance writers often fail to do, ensuring yourself a lucrative, long-lasting career. You’ll even get the chance to build a jaw-dropping portfolio you can actually use to get work as a professional writer. Watch out, world!

At times like these, with so many jobs up in the air, knowing how to create your own career as a writer or blogger is truly an invaluable skill. And for the low price of $29.99, this career move is basically a no-brainer.

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