Make the Most Out of Your Daily Commute With Babbel

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Whether you take the bus or ride the train to work every day, chances are, it isn’t something you look forward to doing. That’s because it’s a rather large chunk of your day that you completely lose to time. Sure, you could listen to music or your favorite podcast — but it still feels like it’s valuable hours of your day, completely wasted. But perhaps there’s a way to make that waiting time a little more productive? Enter Babbel Language Learning.

Babbel, a subscription-based language-learning app, helps millions of people all over the world learn different languages without ever requiring them to step foot in a classroom. Its easy-to-follow lessons and 10,000 hours of high-quality, online language content are designed to conveniently fit into your schedule — whether you choose to listen during your work commute, while you cook dinner or for 15 minutes before bed — helping it to become part of your everyday routine.

We know what you’re thinking: repeating vocabulary with a language app isn’t going to help you become conversant anytime soon. But Babbel is unlike most other language programs you’ve used in the past. That’s because it dives right into the many different ways you’d use the language, touching on topics like food, travel, family and even business. This way, you’ll be completely immersed in the language and understand how to use it, instead of merely learning a bunch of words without any context. You’ll even receive personalized review sessions to reinforce what you’ve covered, making sure it doesn’t fade from your mind right after you’ve learned it.

Babbel covers a wide array of languages — a whopping 14, in fact — that you’ll learn to speak confidently in a short amount of time. But learning a new language isn’t just necessary for those of us who are planning on traveling to another country. There are plenty of reasons why learning a new language could be beneficial to you, making Babbel all the more necessary to add into your daily routine.

Advancing in your career

No matter what field you’re in, knowing more than one language is always a respectable skill. That’s because employers value those who are bilingual and trilingual because it proves you’re knowledgeable about other cultures and have a more versatile way of thinking. That’s why adding that you know another language onto your resume can seriously make your name stand out among the others when you’re looking for a job.

Working out your brain

You make time every day to fit in a few squats and sit-ups, so why should your brain miss out on all the exercising action? Just like your muscles, it’s important to challenge your brain, helping to keep your memory and critical thinking sharp. Learning a new language not only tests your memory, but it’s also been proven to better your ability to concentrate and focus which can always come in handy — especially in today’s age of endless Internet distractions.

In just 15 minutes a day, you can give your brain the workout it needs by learning a new language with Babbel.  You’ll be able to learn French, Spanish, German and more from just about anywhere, and you can synchronize your progress on all your digital devices. Heck, you can even work out your brain while you workout that bod at the gym — a double whammy, baby.

Preparing for life-changing experiences

Traveling to far-off lands may not be in the cards right now (hello, credit card debt), but down the line, who knows where you’ll end up visiting. Why not stay ahead of the game by learning a language now, when there’s no pressure or time constraint? By listening to Babbel regularly over the course of a month, you’ll be able to confidently speak on topics like shopping and dining and will even be able to socialize in whichever language you choose to master. That way, when it does come time to jet off to somewhere new, speaking a new language will be the least of your traveling worries. And it may even encourage you to travel somewhere you never would’ve thought to go otherwise!

Learning a new language through Babbel is simple. The program is designed to help people at all learning stages, whether it be beginning, moderate or advanced, become conversant in a new language in a way that fits into their unique schedules. And the way it works is easy: simply pick from a one-year, two-year or lifetime subscription plan to begin your new and exciting language-learning journey. And the best part? All of them are currently on sale for a fraction of what they usually cost today.

Choose from Babbel’s discounted 1-year subscription for just $119, the 2-year subscription for just $139 or the lifetime subscription for $159 — a whopping 60% off!

Prices subject to change.


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