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Marisa Tomei Uses ‘1 Spritz’ of This Green Oil to Perfect Her Skincare Routine

Marisa Tomei at the premiere of "Spider-Man: No Way Home" in LA on December 13, 2021.Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

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What do you go the extra mile for? Common answers would obviously include “family” or “best friends,” but what about your skin? Do you opt for that extra step that takes elevates its radiance, youthfulness and health? If you’ve been skating by without it, it might be time to reconsider.

Whether you’re seeing signs of aging appear out of nowhere or want to fully dive into preventative mode, it’s time to go the extra mile for your skin. That doesn’t mean booking a bi-weekly facial or never going out in the sun again though. It just means adding a powerhouse product like this one to your routine!

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This oil is on our radar because of Marisa Tomei. The Spider-Man: No Way Home actress recently recorded a video for Vogue revealing her guide to natural skincare and everyday makeup, and she explained that she adds “one spritz” of this oil to seriously upgrade her hydrating skincare regimen. “The hydration is the main thing,” she proclaimed. “I never had that extra little step of that Liquid Green Oil,” she noted, but now it’s an important pillar in her skincare routine.

This I-N oil is made of a non-toxic formula too, which is part of what earned Tomei’s approval: “I can’t have things with chemicals,” she said, explaining, “I get very red and just like, break out. My skin doesn’t like it.” Luckily, this product uses an organic oil blend to more naturally nourish skin. You’ll find argan, blue tansy and acai oils in the formula, along with Intelli-Seed antioxidants which may replenish skin!

Get the Intelligent Nutrients Intelli-Seed Liquid Green Oil at Amazon!

This quick-absorbing oil claims to provide deep moisture to skin, smoothing and soothing it, illuminating it and even fading redness. It’s a great pick for dry, mature and sensitive skin, but it’s actually a fantastic choice for oily skin too. This isn’t the same annoying oil your skin is producing, and it’s not like other pore-clogging mineral oils. It’s “light and molecularly intelligent,” and it claims to actively rebalance your skin’s sebum so you can leave the blotting papers at home!

Tomei’s beauty has spanned decades, so when she starts to talk favorite products, we’re always going to pay attention. This green oil truly seems like it could be the one product that could make a major, amazing difference in just about anyone’s skin. We’re so happy to have found it, and we hope it becomes a new favorite for you too!

Get the Intelligent Nutrients Intelli-Seed Liquid Green Oil at Amazon!


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